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Wedding Plans is the nineteenth episode of Saved by the Bell: The College Years and the series finale.


Despite Zack and Kelly's excitement towards their wedding, their parents are against it as they are too young. Slater is also against the marriage causing Screech be named the best man. Both Alex and Leslie want to be the maid of honor just as Lisa Turtle arrives.

Upon learning that freshman need permission to live off campus, Zack and Kelly approach Dean McMan for permission. As she wants Zack to drop out, she doesn't advise them against the wedding.

As a result of Slater and Screech's bachelor party and the girl's bridal shower, they lose out on the minister.


Guest Cast

  • Marty Rackham as Stan
  • Dean Scofield as Reverend Dunlap
  • Kathy Hartsell as Cop
  • Jake Beecham as Stingray
  • Brittany Levenbrown as Zackerina
  • Nathanael Meyst as Zack Jr.


Notes and Trivia

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