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The Todd Capsule is the eighth episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the eighth episode of the series overall.


Mac and Lexi help Daisy fight for her future at Bayside; Toddman and DeVante tour the new Douglas.


As Homecoming approaches at Bayside High, everyone is excited for the presence of Governor Zack Morris and First Lady Kelly Kapowski and the numerous wealthy benefactors that will be attending. Ronald Toddman assigns jobs to the students for the night, including assigning Lexi the job of raising funds for Bayside as is customary at Homecoming. Daisy becomes increasingly annoyed when Lexi ignores her when she volunteers to help out. After the meeting, Daisy confronts Lexi about her behaviour, and Lexi rebukes Daisy and her attitude to the wealthy, explaining that she cannot put her feelings aside long enough to charm them and gain their donations.

Meanwhile, Mac struggles to plan a prank for Homecoming, much to his father's surprise. Mac tells his father that he misses him, but the conversation between the two is cut short when Zack must take a phone call; it becomes visible that Mac is saddened by the amount of time he spends away from his parents.

At Homecoming, tensions begin to rise between Zack, Kelly and the rest of the former Bayside students such as Jessie and Slater. Jessie becomes increasingly annoyed when Kelly refers to herself as a "Dr", despite having no formal qualifications in any field. Toddman makes the situation awkward when he explains that alumni photos are at 10:00; this causes Kelly and Zack to leave the table. Slater and Jessie talk, both remarking that Kelly and Zack have become selfish. As a result, they decide to dig up the time capsule they buried at Bayside, in an effort to bring the four of them back together.

Arriving on the lawn of Bayside, they find that Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski have already began digging up the capsule. In Toddman's office, they begin to reminisce over their times at Bayside, but after Slater opens a present meant for Screech Powers which turns out to be a prank, the four begin arguing again. They're interrupted by Toddman, who enters remarking they are all selfish for forgetting about him; he reveals that the five of them were friends during their time at Bayside, but everyone is reluctant to believe him.

After the argument, the four call Lisa Turtle in an effort to find out the truth. Lisa tells the four that they did attend school with Toddman, and he was quite good friends with them, having saves Jessie's life one time. Lisa tells them to apologise to Toddman and make up with him before it is too late.

After a conversation with DeVante in which DeVante tells Mac that his inability to plan a prank comes from issues with his father, Mac throws the ideology back in his face, remarking that he has planned the perfect prank for the alumni photo. DeVante is still not convinced that Mac's issues with his father are solved, but doesn't delve deeper into the issue.

Kelly and Jessie talk whilst cleaning up Toddman's office. The two apoligise for their attacks against one another, and Kelly reveals that she wanted to build a career out of envy for Jessie, and that she still reads her book when she needs inspiration. Jessie becomes defensive when Kelly asks about the relationship between herself and Slater, remarking that Slater is still in love with her, but Jessie brushes off the remark.

Meanwhile, Kelly, Jessie, Slater, and Zack all try to make it up to Toddman. Things become awkward, however, when Toddman replaces Zack in the alumi photo and Mac's prank lands on him. Toddman believes this to be a prank orchestrated by the others, however, and takes this as a sign that they do remember him. Afterwards, Mac plucks up the courage to talk to his father, asking if they could play a game of football together sometime.

As the Homecoming dance winds down, Tanner's mother makes an announcement about the fundraising. She reveals that they surpassed their goals but, instead of using the money at Bayside, have decided to reopen Douglas High — a clear indication that the Douglas students are not welcome at Bayside High.


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Notes and Trivia

  • This episode has a similar name to an episode from the original series The Time Capsule.
  • This episode references episodes from the original series.