The Max was the local campus hangout for the students of Bayside High. It was where the Bayside Tigers would celebrate before and after games. It was owned by a magician named "Max" and managed by Ginger Baldwin, Jeffrey Hunter, and Kelly Kapowski. Appearing throughout Saved by the Bell, it preserved its continuity on its follow-up show, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, which burned down caused by Christmas tree lights in the two-part season 4 finale "Fire at the Max", but to preserve its continuity, was rebuilt and renovated in season 5, in the second episode "Suddenly Ryan", with a new look and free internet.


Due to the show's unrelenting committment to realism, the Max - though existing only on a studio soundstage - was actually a fully functional restaurant.  They served extras real food from the Kraft services table and received a "D" rating from the Los Angeles County Health Department.

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