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The Max was the local hangout for the students of Bayside High. It was where the Bayside Tigers would celebrate before and after games. It was owned by a magician named "Max" and managed by Ginger Baldwin, Jeffrey Hunter and Kelly Kapowski. Appearing throughout Saved by the Bell, it preserved its continuity on its follow-up show, Saved by the Bell: The New Class, which burned down caused by Christmas tree lights in the two-part season 4 finale "Fire at the Max", but to preserve its continuity, was rebuilt and renovated in season 5, in the second episode "Suddenly Ryan", with a new look and free internet. By 2019 it was rebuilt where it serves the next generation of Bayside students.

Notes and Trivia[]

  • Due to the show's unrelenting committment to realism, the Max - though existing only on a studio soundstage - was actually a fully functional restaurant.  They served extras real food from the Kraft services table and received a "D" rating from the Los Angeles County Health Department.
  • A pop-up restaurant called Saved By The Max has made its round thru out the United States. The restaurant is themed to appear as The Max, and also contains sections that serve as a SAVED BY THE BELL museum.