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The Gift is the eighth episode of Season 2 of Saved by the Bell (2020) and the eighteenth episode of the series overall. It was first released on November 24, 2021 on Peacock TV. This episode shares the same title as The Gift from the original series Saved by the Bell.


Lexi pushes DeVante to audition for a boy band. Jessie encourages Kelly to apply to medical school.

Full Summary

Gil wishes Daisy a happy one-month anniversary. He got her a laminator. She lies and says she got him a gift, too. He says it's okay if she didn't. She insists that she did. He leans in to kiss her, but Mac pushes him out of the way and tells Daisy he needs her help. He needs to upload the hours for the spirit competition and needs her to show him how to do it. Gil says he knows how and can help. Mac's shocked that he would interrupt like that. A voice calls that there's been a murder and they race off to check.

Toddman cries over the decapitated stuffed body of Trevor the Tiger. Jamie sees a taunting note from Valley. Daisy asks what the big deal is. They stole Valley's mascot two weeks ago. Toddman says killing a beloved mascot is a declaration of war.

Jamie follows Mac to his locker and asks what he's thinking for revenge. Mac says he'll think of something later, but he has a more time-sensitive project and shows Jamie his plan to destroy Gil. Jamie says Gil isn't an enemy. He's nice. Mac just needs to admit he likes Daisy. Mac says something's off about Gil and he has to take him down.

Daisy tells Lexi and Aisha that Gil got her the perfect gift and she needs to get him something quickly. Aisha suggests getting him something from the book series they both read because he's basically a boy Daisy. Daisy rejects that, but Aisha did give her an idea, so she leaves. DeVante comes to the table and tells them that some creep just gave him his card. Phil Dapatone finger guns as he walks out. Phil wants DeVante to audition for him. Lexi knows who he is and says he's a recording executive. This kind of thing happens at Bayside all the time. From a nearby stool, Kelly says that kind of thing happened back in her day, too. When she was in high school, a photographer came to her school and made her a model. Max hands Kelly her takeout order and she leaves. Lexi offers to be DeVante's agent. DeVante's not sure if he even wants to audition, but Lexi's already on the phone.

Kelly and Jessie are having lunch. Kelly's not sure how to tell Zack she hates the portrait he painted of her. Jessie asks if Kelly ever talked to him about medical school. She never had to because the day she went to register for the MCATs, the website was down for maintenance. She took it as a sign not to try it. She takes everything as a sign from the universe. Fate is real. That's why Jessie's working at the same school as her first love while newly single. Jessie says that's not a sign. Mr. Dewey works there, too. Should she date him. Mr. Dewey walks past and tells Jessie she couldn't handle it. Kelly tells Jessie she was accepted to a prestigious sea program and Zack asked her to stay home and marry him instead. It was so romantic. She left anyway and asked the universe for a sign she made the right decision. Then she saw Zack because he was standing right behind her and so she got off the boat and married him right away. Jessie says that wasn't fate. That was Zack continuing a conversation. Kelly says she could have lost Zack forever if she hadn't gotten off the boat. She starts to wonder if she made the wrong decision.

Lexi tells DeVante the audition is for a boy band targeted a pre-teens. He's going to have to get braces. DeVante says he's out. He doesn't want that. Lexi says if your dreams don't scare you a little, they're not big enough. This is his shot. He could perform for thousands of adoring fans. He'll have to do the kid stuff first, but then he'll go solo. He'll be rich and leave behind everyone he's ever known. He asks about his grandma. Lexi says he'll buy her an identical mansion across the street. DeVante likes that idea. Lexi's excited for him.

Gil explains to Mac how to submit the hours. When he's done, Mac flips a switch to show a video on all the monitors of him having a tea party and eating from a diaper. Gil doesn't know what he did to deserve this prank, but he's really sorry. Mac is shocked. Gil knows it must have been pretty hurtful for Mac to resort to a deepfake like that. He walks away. Jamie says Mac was right. The prank revealed who Gil really is, a nice guy. He begs Mac to stop, but Mac refuses to do that until Gil is out of Bayside. The video continues and shows "Gil's" mom calling Mac to the table, saying she set a seat for his dollies. The other students laugh.

There's a memorial set up for Trevor. Colt asks Jamie what Mac's plan for revenge is. Jamie says Mac's on top of it. He then gets Lexi and say he need her help. He tells her Mac is trying to destroy Gil because he likes Daisy. Lexi doesn't believe that's true because both Mac and Daisy are in love with her. Jamie asks what Mac might do. Lexi suggests some options, but Mac has already done one of those. Jamie asks what the worst prank ever is. Lexi tells him to come with her.

Kelly wonders what other stupid decisions she's made. Jessie says the past is behind her. Now she needs to decide if she wants to go to medical school. She suggests a pros and cons list. They work on the list together. Kelly starts to worry that she's too old for medical school. Jessie tries to calm her down.

Daisy goes to Gil and tells him to check his email. In it is a video from L.M. Millencratz, their favorite author, wishing him a happy anniversary. Gil says he never looked up a picture of her because it ruins the fantasy for him. Daisy starts to worry she's ruined things for him. Good thing she has a better gift coming.

DeVante sings at his audition. He finishes to applause. Phil is excited. They want him to stick around to meet Chuck. DeVante has to get back to school. They're disappointed he's still in school and say that won't work. If he's really into learning, Phil will get him a book of brain teasers. But DeVante can't give up his shot.

Lexi and Jamie find Mac and confront him. They know what he's planning. The prank's been outlawed for centuries. Jamie handcuffs Mac to a pipe and tells him they're not leaving until he calls off the prank and admits he likes Daisy. Mac refuses and asks them to tighten the handcuffs.

Daisy tells Aisha she made Gil a homemade coupon book and slipped it into his locker. She also accidentally slipped her bus card in there. Aisha feigns enthusiasm. Daisy realizes it's a terrible gift. Aisha tells her not everything is riding on that one gift. Daisy leaves to get the book out before he finds it.

Jamie tells Mac he has to chug a whole bottle of green juice or admit his feelings about Daisy. Mac takes the bottle. He'll only admit that he's strong like Popeye. He hurts his fingers. Lexi holds up a book and forces him to read it. They both start grilling him and get him to admit he knows Daisy's birthday. He's never learned a birthday before. They tell him to be honest with himself. He says he doesn't like Daisy, but then admits that he does. He calls the prank off.

Kelly talks to Slater about her lunch with Jessie. Slater starts choking on his hot dog and says he needs a doctor. Kelly says she needs to do a tracheotomy. He suggests the Heimlich but she says there's no time for that. She goes to stab him and he admits he's not really choking. Jessie made him do it, which she already knows.

Kelly goes back to Jessie's office and confronts her over it. She tries to convince Kelly going to medical school isn't a bad idea. Kelly's not really sure what she wants. That's why she likes the idea of fate. Jessie says she'll make the decision for her then and tells Kelly she's not going. Kelly says she wants to and then gasps. Kelly's going to take the MCAT. Jessie says she did it and did it on her own. Daisy comes in and says she needs the combination to Gil's locker. Jessie can't give that to her. Daisy begs. She doesn't want to lose the relationship. Kelly asks what his locker number is. Daisy tells her and it's the same one Kelly had in school. She tells Daisy the combination. Kelly has her faith in magic restored.

Daisy opens Gil's locker and takes the book. Then she sees something that makes her frown.

Lexi asks DeVante how it went. He says he killed it, but he turned them down because they wanted him to drop out of school. People have always told him the only way he'll get out of the hood is by picking up a ball or a microphone. But since he came to Bayside, he's realized there's a bunch of stuff he's good at. He doesn't need to win a golden ticket. Why is he there if not to have more options? Lexi agrees that he's more than that.

Mac apologizes to Gil and says he's going through some personal stuff. He's going to do the work to be a better person. That means a lot to Gil. After Gil enters the bathroom, Mac puts an out of order sign on it.

Lexi and Jamie are proud of what they did for Mac. He really had a breakthrough. Then they hear wild animal noises and find Mac standing outside the bathroom smiling. They realize Mac lied. He doesn't really know Daisy's birthday. Gil comes out of the bathroom with his shirt torn and glasses missing. He's traumatized. Lexi and Jamie say Mac's a monster, but Gil says he's the monster. He can't believe he pushed Mac to the this point. He wants to make it better and hugs Mac. Spencer and Greg are both horrified at Mac for traumatizing Gil. Colt and a cute girl also agree it was mean. The class starts booing him. Daisy will never forgive him. Suddenly, Daisy comes up behind him and confronts Gil. She found Trevor's severed head in his locker. She asks if he murdered Trevor. And questions other odd things about him. In horror, she realizes that Gil Vatolley anagrams to I Go to Valley. Everyone is horrified. Gil smiles evilly.


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  • This episode title is a reference to an episode with the same name The Gift from the original series Saved by the Bell.
  • Mac Morris realizes he likes Daisy Jiménez in this episode.
    • Mac admits he likes Daisy to Jamie and Lexi when Jamie questions how come he remembers Daisy's birthday when he has never remembers anybody's birthday. Mac later lies to Jamie and Lexi by saying that he lied about remembering when Daisy's birthday is.
  • Mac says that Daisy's birthday is July 12th which was first mentioned in Rent-A-Mom.
  • This is the second episode to mention when Daisy's birthday is the first episode to mention when Daisy's birthday is was Rent-A-Mom.