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The Fabulous Birchwood Boys is the fourth episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the fourth episode of the series overall.


Daisy goes power-mad while planning the Harvest Dance; Lexi gives DeVante acting lessons.


At the Max, Lexi is excited about the prospect of attending the Harvest Dance later that week, but is worried that she will not find a date for the dance. At that moment, Jamie walks by, and Daisy remarks that she should ask Jamie if she really likes him instead of waiting for someone to ask her. Daisy is confused when Lexi reveals that she, the class president must plan the school dance.

In the hallway at Bayside, Mac is surprised when Ronald Toddman walks by sarcastically remarking that the "Birchwood Boys" are back for the dance. Mac is furious, and storms the president's meeting to confront Daisy about who she hired for the dance. Daisy reveals that she hired the Birchwood Boys for free, but is shocked whenn Mac reveals that the Birchwood Boys are Toddman's band and are bad at what they do; Mac is confused as to why Daisy is hiring free bands instead of spending the allocated budget. After talking with the treasurer, Daisy realises that if they do not spend the allocated $10,000 then they will lose it in the next fiscal year.

Mac takes Daisy shopping downtown to buy things for the dance. Attempting to teach Daisy to spend money as if she were wealthy, Mac advises her to turn down everything they are shown, instead, remarking that "we can do better". This is a successful tactic for Daisy and Mac, and they are able to purchase the majority of objects needed for the dance.

DeVante arranges to meet with his friends, but fears that he can no longer be himself around them. The three of them play video games, but DeVante makes a stark exit when he gets a reminder on his phone that he has rehearsals for the school musical with Lexi. When he arrives at the rehearsals, he rebukes Lexi and her behaviour, citing that he only joined the musical because he likes music, and that he thinks Lexi is a joke.

Meanwhile, Daisy is ecstatic when she sees the preparations for the Harvest dance unfolding before her. Tensions clash with volunteers, however, when she continuously remarks that their efforts are not good enough. Daisy finally clashes with Ronald Toddman when she tells him that the Birchwood Boys cannot play at the dance; instead, Mac arranges for Post Malone to play at the dance. Daisy's attitude is noticed by the other students who, one by one, quit the preparations for the dance, remarking that Daisy can set it up herself.

DeVante has further troubles when he receives another notification about a missed rehearsal with Lexi. He dismisses the notification and instead, opts to get take out with his friends. As the two leave the room to order, DeVante begins looking at something to watch on TV, when he stumbles across a documentary about Lexi, in which she documents her life at Bayside after coming out as transgender.[1] This makes DeVante emotional and he begins to cry in front of his friends, causing him to admit that he is in the school musical; he is surprised to find that they are fine with the idea. DeVante apologises to Lexi the following day at school and the two sing in the corridor.

At the dance, Daisy is surprised to find that everything has gone to plan. Mac reveals that whilst money can cause problems, it can also solve them. As the dance begins, Daisy is called up to the front by Mac to congratulate her, but instead, she apologises and ccongratulates all of the volunteers for what they have achieved. Furthermore, she allows the Birchwood Boys to play at the dance, despite Mac's anger. Afterwards, Mac reveals that Post Malone never actually agreed to play at the dance.


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  1. Whilst this is not explicitly stated in the episode, it is known from the character bio that Lexi is transgender. Furthermore, the documentary Lexi made is a spoof of Caitlyn Jenner's documentary "I am Cait".