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The Bayside Triangle is the third episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the third episode of the series overall.


After a theft at Bayside, a Douglas student becomes a suspect; Mac and Jamie fall for the same girl.


Aisha and Daisy talk about their current situation at Bayside; both believe that they have settled in well, and both are enjoying the new positions they occupy at the school. Meanwhile, Mac and Jamie are both confident that they have met their "dream woman", but are both unaware that they are both fixated upon the same woman, Pamela — Daisy is aware of this fact, but resigns herself to watching the situation unfold before her eyes.

Ronald Toddman and Jessie Spano call an impromptu school assembly, where they reveal that the schools supply of iPads was stolen from the Principal's office the previous night. As a result, the school ice cream gathering the following night is cancelled until the iPads are returned. As an incentive, Principal Toddman reveals the existence of a confession box, where students can submit the name of the student they believe to have stolen the iPads.

Aisha becomes increasingly annoyed when Principal Toddman cancels the dance due to the missing iPads. In return, one of the students arranges a house party, but doesn't invite any of the Douglas High students. Aisha believes this to be due to the missing iPads, and confronts DeVante, whom she and Daisy both believe to have stolen the iPads. DeVante accepts responsibility for stealing the iPads, but refuses to return them, leading to Aisha become more frustrated. In retaliation, Aisha writes DeVante's name on a slip of paper and puts it in the confession box.

Meanwhile, Mac and Jamie increase their efforts to win over Pamela. Both begin playing pranks on one another in class, but ultimately Pamela choses Jamie to take her to the party, much to Mac's surprise and dismay. Mac is even more frustrated when Jamie tries to rub it in his face by paying someone to play a violin in the hallway of Bayside.

DeVante confronts Aisha about putting his name into the box, citing that he has a sick grandmother to take care of at home. This makes Aisha feel bad, and moments later, she opens the box when nobody is looking to remove DeVante's name. Unfortunately, however, Aisha is caught opening the box, and rumours circulate around Bayside that Aisha stole the iPads. She is subsequently called to Toddman's office moments later, where he and Jessie explain that they believe Aisha knows who stole the iPads. Seconds after, however, Toddman finds the iPads, having misplaced them behind a box of photographs.

At the ice cream social later that night, a fight erupts between Mac and Jamie over Pamela. The two begin throwing food at one another before becoming physical. A.C. Slater eventually splits up the fight and confronts the two in his office, citing that their friendship is more important than one girl.

At the end of the night, Aisha visits DeVante's house to apologise for her accusations. The two talk, and DeVante reveals that he too is looking for a fresh start at Bayside. The two agree that they are friends once more and go their separate ways.


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