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Teen Line is the sixth episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the sixth episode of the series overall.


DeVante faces consequences after he is accused of pushing a student; Mac becomes a payphone.


Practices for the school production are underway at Bayside High. Thing seem to be going well up until Ronald Toddman falls from the stage and must go to hospital. After he returns, he explains that he is banning mobile phones at Bayside, given students are becoming too reliant on them. Slater, however, makes the point that the ban is more likely due to the fact that a video of the Principal falling from the stage has gone viral and he no longer wishes students to see it.

On the bus into school, Daisy questions Aisha on her sudden friendship with Jamie, hinting that there is something deeper afoot. Aisha becomes defensive when Daisy suggests that Aisha may have feelings for Jamie, with the former remarking that they are just friends. DeVante hears the conversation and gives his opinion, much to Daisy and Aisha's shock.

In class, Aisha is once again texting with Jamie, much to Daisy's surprise. Aisha makes a point of showing Daisy one of the messages in which Jamie has spelt numerous words wrong, remarking that she couldn't date someone who is "dumb" and cannot spell. Unbeknownst to her, she has recorded the conversation in a voice note, and when she tries to delete it, she accidentally sends the note to Jamie. Moments later — and before she is able to rectify the situation — her phone is confiscated by the teacher.

Meanwhile, Lexi is angered when her phone is also confiscated, and becomes worried that she will be unable to read Tanner's review of their production. Mac reveals that he has a second phone that he will allow her to use at a rate of 25¢ a minute, to which Lexi obliges. Lexi reads the review and is horrified to find that Tanner thought the production a huge fail; her minute with Mac's phone runs out before she is able to read further, however.

Aisha worries that Jamie has heard the voicemail before his phone was confiscated. Her concerns are alleviated, however, when she walks through the hall to find Jamie holding a bunch of flowers under a sign asking her to be his girlfriend. Aisha agrees, going on a date with Jamie and asking if they can treat the day as if it were their last together — despite warnings from Daisy, Aisha refuses to tell Jamie about the voice note.

The news of Mac's second phone have spread throughout Bayside, which is quickly deteriorating from the lack of mobile phones. Mac has taken control of a supply cupboard in which he is charging the students to use his phone. Both Daisy and Lexi agree that the situation is not right, but Mac is too concerned with himself to notice his wrong doings.

In the hallway, Lexi and DeVante are approached by Tanner about the production. The situation becomes heated and DeVante shoves Tanner slightly. Tanner exaggerates the shove and complains that DeVante attacked him. In retaliation, DeVante is brought into Toddman's office where it is revealed that Tanner's mother is lobbying the school board for DeVante's expulsion. Toddman talks with Slater and Jessie about the issue, with the two both agreeing that the Douglas students are being unfairly treated by the parents of the Bayside students. Nonetheless, Toddman makes it clear that the review is happening.

At the hearing, DeVante is surprised when Lexi and Daisy arrive with his grandmother despite him explicitly asking them not to bother her. DeVante's grandmother promptly ends the hearing by announcing that she is pulling DeVante from Bayside, much to his and the rest of the rooms surprise. Despite this, things turn around for the better when Mac overhears that Tanner did not attend the production and, therefore, his critical review is a fraud; he passes this information on to Lexi and Daisy.

Daisy, Lexi, Jamie and Mac break into the room in which the phones are being kept in an effort to obtain evidence of Tanner's attendance of a festival instead of the production — they hope to use this evidence to blackmail Tanner. In the process, Aisha believes that she can take Jamie's phone and delete the recording, but changes her mind when Jamie tells her that he has nothing to hide from her. She plays the recording for Jamie and allows him to hear her conversation with Daisy earlier that day.

Meanwhile, Lexi and Daisy use a photograph of Tanner from the festival to blackmail him into pulling from the trial, therefore allowing DeVante to remain at Bayside.


Main Cast

Guest Starring


  • Abraham Rodriguez as Spencer Buckley
  • Corey Bangi as Mason
  • Dewayne Perkins as Ray
  • Jacques Point Du Jour as Actor DeVante
  • Chase Victoria as Dead-Eyed Girl
  • Esteban Dager as A Capella Kid
  • Shaylin Becton as A Capella Kid #2
  • Emma Gunn as A Capella Kid #3
  • Myles Nuzzi as A Capella Kid #4
  • Chris Babcock as Dancer #1
  • William Simmons as Dancer #2
  • Effie Tutko as Dancer #3
  • Carly Blaney as Dancer #4
  • Janaya French as Dancer #5


Notes and Trivia

  • This episode has the same name as an episode from the original series, Teen-Line.