Student Teacher Week is the second episode of season four of Saved by the Bell.


The gang switch roles with the teachers during Student-Teacher week with Zack acting as Principal, Kelly as a history teacher and Screech and Lisa as gym teachers. However, things go wrong when Zack is caught in the middle between Kelly and Slater and must decide what the right thing to do is.



Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Troy Fromin as Ox


Screech Powers: "Never count out the gimp! Especially when he built his own slave-bot!"

Zack Morris: "Screech! Put the ball-gag in and get back in the locker!"

Lisa Turtle: "Since its student teacher weak, I'll let you teach me EVERYTHING you would like master""

Zack Morris: "I've summoned the demons, and spilled the blood of innocents. Yet still I pine for Kelly"



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