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Spencer Buckley is a student at Bayside High.


Return to School

At the end of the pandemic, Spencer and all the other students returned to school. Spencer was excited about Jamie and Lexi seeing each other again after dating throughout the pandemic, because they hadn't kissed since their first kiss because of the pandemic. When she saw how excited Spencer was, Lexi asked him to be less excited because it was making her less excited. Later, when they had their second first kiss, Spencer popped up from inside a nearby trashcan to celebrate. They both told him to leave.[1]

School Spirit Competition

When Daisy announced they needed to gather 15,000 volunteer hours in order to qualify for the School Spirit Competition, Spencer suggested everyone convincing someone to give them a dollar and having that person convince someone else to give them a dollar, which Daisy rejected as a Ponzi scheme.[2]

"Meet the Rich Parents" Training

When DeVante said he didn't have time to do her "Meet the Rich Parents" training because he had to leave immediately to get to Nadia's on time, she decided to do the training with Spencer instead, even though Spencer's grand aunt was in the hospital. At the end of the training, Lexi invited Spencer to go to The Max, but he said he couldn't because his aunt had died.[3]

Lexi's Play and Prism Club

When a trans girl at another school faced being kicked off the soccer team when other students' parents sued, students at Bayside started talking to Lexi more about her being trans, leading to her writing a play she said would cure transphobia forever. Spencer had a role in the play, but when DeVante quit and Lexi tried to get him to play Martin Luther King, Jr. in it, he said that made him uncomfortable and he quit. Later, after she decided not to do the play after all, Lexi attended a Prism Club meeting, where Spencer and the others were engaged in a lip sync battle.[4]

Margarita's Memorial

When Spencer overhead Aisha saying that Margarita, the Spanish name Daisy had been forced to choose for Spanish class, was dead, he asked if they needed someone to sing at her funeral. He ended up throwing an entire memorial for her.[5]

Gil Being Outed

Spencer was among those horrified when they saw Gil emerge from the bathroom after bring pranked by Mac. They all though Mac had taken things too far. However, Daisy then came in and revealed that Gil was a spy from Valley.[6]

Dance Contest

When Gil sabotaged Bayside by erasing all their spirit hours, they were forced to find another way to get 15,000 hours before the end of the day. Toddman suggested a dance contest and said participation was mandatory. The dance contest was going well until, one hour from the end, Spencer tried taking a picture of Chloe and Aisha dancing and Aisha knocked him to the floor, injuring him. Since they needed all students participating in order to get enough hours, Mac started to panic.[7]

Spirit Competition

On the day of the Spirit Competition, when Lexi learned that the Valley competitor had chosen the same monologue she'd picked, she had Spencer start looking for a new monologue she could do.[8]






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Notes and Trivia

  • He was conceived via IVF at the same lab where they breed animals for the San Diego Zoo.