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For the Good Morning, Miss Bliss episode, see Showdown (Miss Bliss).

Showdown is the tenth and final episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the tenth episode of the series overall.


Daisy plans a walkout but struggles to get the Bayside kids to agree; Mac confronts his dad.


With the reopening of Douglas High looming on the horizon, Daisy suggests a student-wide walkout to protest the transference of students back to Douglas. Whilst the idea of a student walkout gauges the attention of the others, Aisha argues that they cannot count on the Bayside students to join them; Lexi remarks that she can make anyone do anything, whilst Jamie remarks that the Douglas students are their friends.

In the staff office, Jessica relays the student walkout to the staff, explaining that she believes they should join them and show their support. Jessica begins explaining that Toddman cannot attend given he is off after a complaint made by Jade, but he quickly appears, remarking that he is still on school grounds, albeit hiding.

Jamie and Lexi set up a conference room in which they hope to convince the Bayside students to join the walkout. Jamie seems upset, and is questioned by Lexi. He tells Lexi that he believes he may never find love, but Lexi quickly reveals that she has feelings for him and has for quite a while. The situation becomes awkward at the prospect of dating each other given they're best friends, and they swiftly move on. Meanwhile, just outside, Mac explains to Daisy that he has finally gotten through to his father, who has agreed to attend the walk out and show his support. Daisy rebukes him, however, and is reluctant to believe that the Governor will actually show, much to Mac's annoyance.

Daisy, Aisha, DeVante, and Mac call numerous television stations in an effort to draw publicity to the walkout. They are unsuccessful, however, and KTYM refuses to attend until Mac explains that the Governor of California is attending. Daisy becomes increasingly annoyed at Mac for his behaviour, citing that the walkout will look like a joke when Zack doesn't turn up, but Mac is reluctant to believe that his father would lie to him.

Lexi and Jamie gather the students and are initially successful in getting their cooperation with the walkout. Things begin to descend into chaos, however, when the students disagree on how the walkout should be run. DeVante suggests that they should unite all of the students behind one common enemy, in which Lexi agrees to be.

Mac begins doubting his father and his intention to attend the walkout later that day. On a call to his Mother, Mac asks if he really knows his father, to which Kelly remarks that he does, but his father doesn't always keep his word. This begins to worry Mac, but Kelly ends the call before he can ask for more details.

Things become difficult for Jessie and Rene when Rene brings her a non-decaf coffee. Jessie gets angry, citing that Rene doesn't know one of the most fundamental things about her despite being her husband, and the two begin to argue. Jessie relents everything she has been bottling up, and shouts at Rene to leave her office, subsequently ending their marriage together.

Meanwhile, Lexi is successful in gaining the anger of the entire school, which allows Daisy to rally the students behind her cause. As the students begin the walkout, Daisy and the others are surprised to find that the Governor has kept his promise and attends the walkout. Unfortunately, he refuses to sign an executive order, instead, unveils a mural that he hopes will aid the cause. Angered by this, Mac and Daisy confront Zack about his behaviour, and he explains that being Governor is hard, and doing the right thing is not always easy. Moments later, Kelly arrives, pleading with Zack to do the right thing.

As a result of Daisy and Mac's words, the Governor addresses the press at Bayside, explaining that he is signing an executive order to freeze school openings and closures in the next three years until a review of the education sector can be undertaken; as a result, the Governor receives numerous notifications alerting that he is being sued by people and corporations.

Lexi and Jamie talk about Lexi's selfless behaviour during the day, ending in Jamie remarking that he likes the "whole Lexi". Jamie kisses Lexi moments later, which is witnessed by Aisha who was on her way to tell Jamie how she feels about him.


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  • Events from the original series are mentioned by Slater to Jessie and Kelly to Mac.
    • Jessie's Song & Cut Day