Ryan Parker

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Ryan Parker is a fictional character from Saved by the Bell: The New Class. He was on the series from Seasons 3 through 5. He was portrayed by Richard Lee Jackson.

Notes and Trivia

  • Like, Tommy D, Lindsay, and Rachel, Ryan attended Bayside for three years.
    • All these characters lasted three seasons.
  • Ryan shares strong similarities with Zack Morris.
    • Both were schemers.
    • Both had blond hair
    • Both dated cheerleaders. Zack dated Kelly and Ryan dated both Lindsay and then Rachel.
    • Both had a rivalry with rebel. Zack with Slater and Ryan with Tommy D.
  • For three seasons on The New Class, Ryan has dated three girls.
  • He is the stepbrother of Nicky Farina.
  • Liz Miller was Ryan's last girlfriend before he left Bayside.
  • He was on the wrestling team and Boys' swim team at Bayside.
  • Ryan once cheated on then-girlfriend Rachel Meyers by kissing Mary-Beth Pepperton, a fictional character from another series, Hang Time (which crossed-over to SBTB:TNC).


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