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Principal Ronald Toddman is the current Principal at Bayside High. He became Bayside's principal sometime after Principal Belding retired. He is constantly harassed and pranked by the privileged strident body, especially Mac and Lexi and sees a second chance when the Douglas students move into Bayside. He was a student at Bayside around the time of the original gang.


Early Life

Fighting for the Students

Return to School

During the pandemic, Bayside was shut down like all other schools. During this time, DeVante texted Toddman as he was worried about getting his grandma sick. Toddman invited DeVante to stay with him, which he did.

When the pandemic was over, the schools re-opened and the students and staff returned. On the first day back, Mac hung Toddman from the flagpole by his underwear. Later, at the school assembly, Toddman welcomed everyone back and announced the Southern California School Spirit Competition, which would be student council's responsibility.[1]

Helping Jessie

After the election was over, Toddman announced the winners over the PA. He also announced that due to Slater's accident, football would be cancelled for the year. Jessie came to his office to confront him, as she'd been planning to tell Jamie about the divorce, but didn't want to do it when he was already sad. She later went to Toddman after realizing she didn't know Jamie as well as she thought she did, which led to her writing 1000 scripts to prepare for any reaction he might possibly have to the news. Toddman told her there were things she just couldn't control and in the moment, she'd know what to say. When she said she didn't want to screw it up like her mother had, he said her mother might have just been doing her best.[2]

Student Helpline

When the student council decided to start a student helpline in order to get some of their volunteer hours, Toddman trained the participating students on how to help other students solve their problems. In the training, he had Lexi and Aisha role play a problem and gave them tips on how to improve their technique. While they helpline was running, Lexi and Aisha got into another fight and Daisy accidentally broke a phone while breaking it up, leading to Toddman assigning her to detention.[3]

Zack Subbing

When Mr. Kim abruptly quit, Toddman brought in Zack to take over his Government class. Toddman was upset when Zack also left abruptly, right as Toddman was about to name him Teacher of the Year.[4]

Daisy's Lack of School Spirit

When Toddman started to worry that Daisy didn't care about Bayside winning the Spirit Competition, he called her into his office to talk to her about it, saying they'd never win if she didn't really get into it.[5]

Career Fair

On the day of the Bayside High career fair, Toddman was worried that Mac was going to prank him as he'd done in past years. Because of this, he spent the day suspicious of everything. When he injured his eye, a nearby pediatrician, Claire, gave him an ice pack, but he became suspicious that she was part of one of Mac's pranks and rebuffed her. Toddman continued to search for Mac, even as he became covered in food. Finally, he found Mac in the library, working on the spirit competition. He was impressed and then realized that Claire must have really liked him. He tried to persuade her to give him another chance, but she refused. After the fair was over, he joined the rest of the group back at Jessie's house for a party.[6]

Firing the Spanish Teacher

When Aisha had a conflict with her Spanish teacher, Mr. Johnson, over him trying to correct her when she spoke the Spanish she learned at home, Johnson brought her to Toddman's office, where Johnson tried to defend himself, calling what she was speaking "Street Spanish." Toddman said they wouldn't tolerate racism and fired him. He then promised he'd find Aisha someone who could teacher her Spanish without disrespecting her culture. In the meantime, Slater offered to fill in.[7]

Trevor's Decapitation

When Trevor was found at Bayside decapitated, Toddman said that was a declaration of war from Valley.[8]

Dance Contest

When they learned that Gil was a spy from Valley and had deleted all their volunteer hours, Toddman, Jessie, and Slater talked to Pat Krampus, the principal of Valley, and asked her to talk to the spirit board about restoring their hours. She refused, saying Gil was a registered Bayside student, so everything he did was within the rules.

At an assembly, Mac asked everyone for suggestions for how they could get 15,000 spirit hours by midnight that night. Toddman suggested a dance contest, saying that 12 hours per student would give them enough if they danced from noon to midnight. He mandated all students' attendance and participation.

The dance contest started at noon. Barry from the spirit association attended to observe and verify their hours and Toddman warned them not to try to bribe him. When Spencer was injured one hour from the end, Toddman tried to get him to stay because they needed every student in order to get enough hours, but ultimately let him go to the hospital. However, Daisy tricked Gil into helping by holding a number to his back as they danced and they got the hours by midnight, officially earning their spot in the spirit competition.[9]

Spirit Competition

On the day of the Spirit Competition, Toddman reminded Mac that Bayside hadn't won in 200 years and in all that time, his father had come the closest, so if anyone had an idea of how to win, it would be Zack, but Mac refused to ask him for help. Toddman then welcomed everyone to the Spirit Competition and introduced the four schools that were competing. As the events started, they started to realize that Valley was sabotaging their competitors.

When Daisy ended up in his office worried that if they didn't win, she'd have wasted the entire year, he told her that all time was valuable and she didn't waste the year. The competition continued and Bayside came out on top. As they celebrated the win, Toddman told Zack and Kelly that the superintendent was retiring. He and Zack simultaneously declared their intent to run to replace them.[10]


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