"Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?"
—Principal Belding

Richard Belding was the principal of Bayside High School and the show's resident authority figure. He is played by Dennis Haskins. In the Saved by The Bell Reboot, he is thought to of retired as he is now replaced by Ronald Toddman as the school principal.

Early life

Richard Belding was born December 21, 1946

He had a younger brother named Rod and as they grew up together, Rod was the most popular because of his more laidback personality, but unlike his brother, he had a habit of raising up people's hopes, making promises he couldn't keep and letting others down.

He Later attended Bayside High and was known to be a Good Students getting all A but often getting picked on because of it. He later Graduated in 1964 and later tried to be a painter but failed. He later became the Teacher but later got employed as Principal in 1968.

He is married to Rebecca "Becky" Belding (née Flugelman) in 1979.


He's known for his catch phrase "Hey, hey, hey, what is going on here?" as well as his high-pitched laugh. Belding has frequent run-ins with Zack and his friends as either a foe to be outwitted or a friend to turn to for help. Despite being a responsible authority figure, Mr. Belding is unusual in that he genuinely seems to care about what his students, particularly Zack, think of him.

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