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Pilot is the first episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the first episode of the series overall.


Bayside gets an influx of new students after Governor Zack Morris shuts down underfunded schools.


Zack Morris, Governor of California, opens with a video for his re-election campaign. In the video, he justifies the cutting of the public spending budget which allowed him to provide wealthy businesses with a tax cut. Unfortunately, Zack explains that this has come at a cost, and he has had to shut numerous underfunded schools in the area. Zack explains that he believes highly in public schools, and has arranged for those students affected to be transferred to the school he attended — and in which he sent his son, MacBayside High.

Mac enters the hallway of Bayside High, ecstatic with himself for having flooded the high school gym once again. He talks with Jamie and Lexi, with the latter angry that she has planned her birthday party on the same night as her parents anniversary; Mac bets Lexi that she cannot get her parents to divorce before the anniversary, a bet which she accepts graciously. The three are interrupted, however, by an enraged Ronald Toddman who arrives in anger at Mac's behavior and flooding of the gym.

At Douglas High, a student announces that, despite the budget cuts by Governor Morris' office, she believes that the school can truly be turned around and thrive as it once did. She receives no response from the crowd, however, whom all seem to have accepted the fate of the school in the current economical climate. Moments later, the head of the school enters revealing that the school has been shut down and will no longer function as a school — all remaining students will be transferred to schools in other districts.

Meanwhile at Bayside, several parents are worried about the effects that the Douglas High students will have on Baysides' reputation and the influence they will have on the current students. Despite these concerns, Jessica Spano reveals that she has formulated a plan: each student from Douglas High will be paired with a "Bayside Buddy" to help them in their transition. The parents simply joke that this is so the Bayside students can keep an eye on them, but Jessica remarks that this is not the case.

Aisha and Daisy arrive at Bayside for their first day and are instantly taken back by the scale of wealth at the seemingly ordinary school. They enter the building and Aisha is immediately met by her buddy, Jamie Spano. Daisy questions Jamie over her buddy, and he points her towards Mac Morris, who is approaching the hall with Lexi. Daisy introduces herself to Mac, but the encounter is odd, with Mac asking if she can lay down in a parking lot over night to prevent Lexi from taking his spot.

Daisy consults Mac on the troubles she is having accessing textbooks for her courses. Mac holds his iPad to a screen in the hallway, remarking that Bayside High is 99% paperless, and Daisy watches as his textbooks are loaded onto the iPad. Mac is shocked when Daisy remarks that she doesn't have an iPad and her family cannot afford one. The encounter leaves Daisy angry at the current situation, and she finds Aisha in the changing rooms to vent. Unbeknownst to her, however, Aisha likes Bayside, causing the two to clash heads. Daisy is intrigued, however, when Aisha reminds her about the Student Council elections, and Daisy leaves to enquire about entering.

Arriving in Principal Toddman's office, Daisy interrupts a conversation between Mac Morris and Toddman in which Mac is attempting to convince the Principal to give him his parking space to end the feud with Lexi. Principal Toddman remarks that it is not too late to enter the race for Student Council providing that Daisy is able to put up her posters for the election before the day's end.

A.C. Slater arrives in Jessie Spano's office, wherein he asks her about the difficulties he is having convincing DeVante to join the school football team. It becomes clear to the two that Slater's lack of conversation ability has hindered his progress with DeVante, and Jessie encourages him to give DeVante — and the other new students — some space and to try again at a more convenient time. The conversation between the two is interrupted by Jamie's arrival in his mother's office.

Daisy struggles to find a working printer to print off her posters to run for President of the Student Council. Eventually, she manages to find somewhere, but finds that she cannot afford the printing. The owner of the store lets her off, however, after a disgruntled customer remarks that he should. Arriving at school the following day, Daisy finds that there is nowhere to hang her posters given that she didn't book wall space on the school's app. With this, Daisy leaves the school hallway angry, throwing her posters into the trash on the way,

Daisy talks with Mac and Lexi about the race, explaining that she is angry that they're running for president for superficial reasons, whereas she actually wants to make changes at the school. The conversation seems to affect the two, and they begin to do everything in their power to fix the race therefore Daisy will win; eventually, Daisy wins and is elected president.

Meanwhile, A.C. Slater finally encourages DeVante to follow his aspirations. With this, he auditions for the school singing group, surprising the two teachers as he goes. Aisha is finally accepted onto the school football team, surprising everyone, but most of all A.C. Slater.


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Notes and Trivia

  • In the opening, a photo of Mark-Paul Harry Gosselaar in his role in 'Franklin & Bash' is shown.
  • Jessie Spano is the best-selling author of I'm so Excited, I'm so Scared of Becoming a Parent is a reference to when Jessie said "I'm so excited, I'm so scared" in the episode Jessie's Song from the original series.
  • Mac Morris and Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio purposely loses in the election so, Daisy can win is a reference to the episode The Election from the original series when Zack Morris purposely loses in the election so, Jessie can win.