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Pat Krampus is the principal of Valley High.


When they learned that Gil, who was a Valley student infiltrating Bayside, had erased all of Bayside's volunteer hours, Slater, Jessie, and Toddman talked to Pat, explained what happened, and asked her to talk to the spirit board and get their hours restored so they could compete. She refused as Gil was a registered student, so everything he did was within the rules. Then she left.

Jessie and Slater decided to sneak into her office and prank her. They moved all her appointments in her calendar by half an hour so she'd be late to everything, but she realized it quickly and fixed it. Then she got ink on her shirt from a trick pen Slater had left. While she was changing, the superintendent walked in, followed by his wife, who immediately accused them of having an affair. The superintendent was angry at Krampus for forcing his hand. She tried to tell him it was an accident, but he said they were over.



She was having an affair with the married superintendent. He called it off when his wife found out.

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