No Hope with Dope'
Season 3, Episode 21
3.21 - No Hope with Dope
Air date 30 November 1991
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No Hope with Dope is the twenty-first episode of season three of Saved by the Bell.


Bayside is chosen by a Hollywood movie star, as the location of an anti-drug commercial. The gang are set to star in the commercial, however when the gang learns that someone has been smoking pot at Bayside, they soon realize that things aren't going to be as easy as they thought. The gang later feel deceived after learning that the star himself, uses drugs and fires him. However, Mr. Belding saves the day with his old friend who happened to be a news anchorman to do the commercial.

Main Cast

Guest Cast

  • Eddie Garcia as Johnny Dakota
  • Brandon Tartikoff as Himself
  • Troy Fromin as Ox/Skud
  • Emily Pearson as Party Girl




  • This was the second episode of Saved by the Bell to deal with drug abuse. The first was "Jessie's Song".
  • 'Skud' is played by Troy Fromin, who also played "Ox" in several episodes. While Ox is large and well-meaning, if a bit dim, Skud is an aggressive biker type with a shaved head who smokes cigarettes in the school bathroom.


  • In the final scene, the gang is recording the end of the commercial. Zack's point at the camera is not in sync with the other two. A few moments later, when they look at the tape, all three points are in sync.
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