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Nate is a student at Bayside High.


School Spirit Competition

When the School Spirit Competition was announced, Nate pledged his life to beat Valley, which Daisy said wasn't necessary.[1]

Spanish Class

Nate was paired with Aisha in Spanish class for the daily oral quiz. While Nate struggled with his words, Aisha replied in fluent Spanish. However, their teacher, Mr. Johnson, constantly stopped her and "corrected" her, because she spoke Dominican Spanish, which she'd learned at home. At the end of the quiz, Nate got an A while Aisha got a C-.[2]

Dance Competition

When Gil sabotaged Bayside by erasing all their earned volunteer hours, the school held a meeting to figure out what to do next. Mac opened the discussion up to the other students to suggest new ways to get the hours. Nate suggested asking Gil, as he'd missed school the day before and didn't know Gil was a Valley spy. Toddman eventually suggested a dancing competition, with mandatory participation by all students in order to get all the hours they needed.[3]

Spirit Competition

At the Spirit Competition, Nate participated in the Tug-o-War. He ended up loading because someone from Valley covered the rope in peanut butter, which they were all allergic to.[4]







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