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Macgyver “Mac” Marathon Morris is the handsome, charming, and privileged[1] son of wealthy Governor Zack Morris.


Mac has difficulties with the concept of the Douglas High students transferring to Bayside, but eventually becomes good friends with numerous of them, who help him change his ways and grow closer with his father.

Early Life

Mac Morris was born in 2004 to Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski in California.

In 2019, Mac started High School at his parents' alma mater Bayside High.

Changing His Ways

Mac has intense difficulties when the Douglas students transfer to Bayside, especially when he loses the Class President election to Daisy Jiménez. Mac believes that he can manipulate Daisy to his own accord, but this provides futile, and she begins changing things for the better of everyone at Bayside, not just the upper-elite.

When the mobile phones are confiscated at Bayside, Mac views this as an excellent opportunity to become more popular, and begins allowing students to use his second phone for $0.25/min. Daisy and the other students argue that this is outrageous, and is turning Bayside into a wasteland, but Mac refuses to give up his new pseudo-business. Eventually, Mac is convinced that he is more than his previous behaviour, and volunteers information to help DeVante Young remain at Bayside; a feat which Daisy applauds him for, and remarks is a step in the right direction for changing his ways.

Relationship with His Father

When Mac and the other students hear about the reopening of Douglas High, he and Lexi become sad at the prospect of the Douglas students, particularly Daisy, returning to Douglas. They agree to help Daisy with her staged walkout, and Mac invites his father, Zack Morris, to the walkout in an effort to gauge the interest of the press.

This causes tension between Daisy and Mac, with Daisy arguing that Zack won't show, and is full of false promises. Mac is hurt by the remark, but deep down fears that it could be true. As a result, Mac calls his mother, Kelly, and asks if his father is planning on attending. Kelly remarks that Zack will try to attend, but this doesn't give Mac much hope, who worries that his father was lying.

Eventually, the walkout arrives, and Mac's father does attend, but refuses to do anything concrete for their cause. Mac and Daisy confront him, and Zack argues that doing the right thing is harder than it seems. Mac is horrified by his father's behaviour, but is enlightened when his mother arrives to convince Zack to help their cause. Afterwards, he and the others enjoy a milkshake at the Max to celebrate their success.[2]


Like his father, Mac Morris is a mischievous prankster. He'd sometimes flood the Gym at Bayside[3] and pranked his father during his inauguration as California's governor.[4] Due to being the Governor's son, Mac Morris is spoiled by the privileges that come with it. Following the transferring of the Douglas High Students to Bayside, Mac mellows out and becomes selfless and more humble. Unlike his parents, Mac Morris lacks common sense as he initially had no idea that he and Jamie Spano were dating the same girl despite obvious signs, until Daisy pointed it out to them.

The year after Covid-19, Mac is revealed to have developed a crush on Daisy, which resulted in a dislike in Gil Vatooley (As he was Daisy's Boyfriend). However Mac struggled to accept that he was jealous of Diasy and Gil's relationship. Mac attempted to drive Vatooley out with two pranks (With the Pharoh's Throne being the most notorious).



Daisy Jiménez

Mac first met Daisy when she first transferred to Bayside from Douglas High. Mac was assigned as Daisy's Bayside Buddy.


Zack Morris

Mac has a complicated relationship with his father. Mac believes that his father has the best intentions at heart, but rarely has any contact with him given his duties as the Governor. As a result, this negatively impacts Mac on numerous occasions, and begins to embarrass him around his friends. Eventually, Mac confronts his father about their strained relationship and Zack agrees to do better by his son.

Kelly Kapowski


Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio

Jamie Spano

Mac and Jamie are childhood friends they met through each other parents who are longtime friends. Both Mac's parents Kelly Kapowski-Morris and Zack Morris and Jamie's mother Jessie Spano all went to Bayside together.

Aisha Garcia

DeVante Young


Season 1

Season 2


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Notes and Trivia

  • It is presumed that he is the wealthiest of the Bayside students, given his father was the Governor of California.
  • His License Plate is "Macrulez".
  • His Best Friends are Jamie Spano and Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio.
  • In Showdown, it has been implied that Mac was held back in eighth grade; making him a year older than his classmates.
  • Both Mac and Jamie Spano are the only main characters in the reboot that are children to at least one of the main characters in the original series. Mac is the son of Zack Morris and Kelly Kapowski and Jamie Spano is the son of Jessie Spano.
  • His Godfather is Daniel Tosh.
  • In The Gift, it is revealed that his full name is Macgyver Marathon Morris because his mother Kelly Kapowski was watching a Macgyver marathon on TV when she was in labor with Mac.
    • Mac's full name is alliteration. His initials are "M.M.M."
  • According to Jamie Spano he has never learned a single person's birthday except for Daisy Jiménez.