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Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio is a beautiful, sharp-tongued cheerleader and one of — if not — the most popular girls at Bayside High; she is feared and admired by her fellow students simultaneously.[1]


Early Life

Sometime before Lexi's freshmen year of High School Lexi transitioned from male to female. She started her own reality show of her transgender story called Becoming Lexi: I am Me.[2]

The School Musical

Lexi auditions for the lead role in Bayside's school musical, but finds that she misses out on the opportunity as it is awarded to new student DeVante Young. Lexi tries to grow closer with DeVante in an effort to manipulate him into doing things her way, but finds that she is unsuccessful as DeVante pulls away from her and the other musical students.

Eventually, Lexi believes that she is getting somewhere with DeVante when she invites him to musical practice. DeVante becomes annoyed, however, and calls Lexi a joke before storming off stage and returning home. Lexi is left upset by this, but does not mention it to anyone; not even DeVante. Then DeVante later watches Lexi's documentary and realizes that calling her a "joke" is what Lexi has always feared. As a result, he apologizes to her in the hallway of Bayside and the two sing together.

Relationship with Jamie

Lexi struggles daily with the inability to express the feelings she has for her childhood best friend, Jamie Spano. Things become increasingly difficult when Daisy Jiménez finds out about the feelings, but Lexi is able to convince her not to say anything to anyone. Lexi becomes jealous when Jamie begins giving Aisha Garcia his attention, and the two shortly begin an intimate relationship.

Lexi teams up with Mac in an effort to split Aisha and Jamie up. The two are mildly successful, and the two are able to draw a rift between the two, and Mac insists that Lexi take her shot whilst Jamie is vulnerable. Lexi and Jamie talk, but Lexi pulls away when Jamie is about to kiss her, finally realizing that she is not the same girl she used to be and cannot break up the relationship between the two.

Lexi is forced to watch Aisha and Jamie rekindle their connection for numerous more weeks at Bayside. When Aisha and Jamie finally break things off, Jamie realizes that he may have had feelings for Lexi all along, and the two kiss whilst Aisha watches from afar.[3]



Jamie Spano

At the beginning of the school year, Lexi and Jamie are still best friends, having been this way since they were children. Unbeknownst to Jamie — and the rest of Bayside High — however, Lexi is secretly in love with Jamie, and has been for an unknown period of time. Daisy Jiménez is the first person that Lexi opens up to about her feelings for Jamie, and Daisy encourages her to chase Jamie, but Lexi finds the prospect too daunting and embarrassing. As a result, Lexi is left heart broken when Jamie engages in a relationship with the new quarter back, Aisha Garcia.

As a result of her feelings, Lexi teams up with Mac Morris in an effort to break up Aisha and Jamie on the latter's birthday. The plan is mildly successful, but Lexi calls off the plan just as Jamie is about to kiss her as she believes she truly has changed her ways. Despite her feelings for Jamie, Lexi sacrifices him in an effort to see him happy with Aisha.[4]



Mac Morris

DeVante Young

Daisy Jiménez

Aisha Garcia


Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Clubs and Cliques
  3. The Bayside Triangle
  4. The Fabulous Birchwood Boys
  5. Rent-A-Mom
  6. Teen-Line
  7. House Party
  8. The Todd Capsule
  9. All in the Hall
  10. Showdown

Season 2


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Notes and Trivia

  • Her last name implies she has Italian and Levantine Arab ancestry, like her actor.[5]
  • Like her actress, she is a transgender woman.
  • Her parents are divorced.[6]