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Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio is a beautiful, sharp-tongued cheerleader and one of — if not — the most popular girls at Bayside High; she is feared and admired by her fellow students simultaneously.[1]


Early Life

Sometime before Lexi's freshmen year of High School Lexi transitioned from male to female. She started her own reality show of her transgender story called Becoming Lexi: I am Me.[2]

The School Musical

Lexi auditions for the lead role in Bayside's school musical, but finds that she misses out on the opportunity as it is awarded to new student DeVante Young. Lexi tries to grow closer with DeVante in an effort to manipulate him into doing things her way, but finds that she is unsuccessful as DeVante pulls away from her and the other musical students.

Eventually, Lexi believes that she is getting somewhere with DeVante when she invites him to musical practice. DeVante becomes annoyed, however, and calls Lexi a joke before storming off stage and returning home. Lexi is left upset by this, but does not mention it to anyone; not even DeVante. Then DeVante later watches Lexi's documentary and realizes that calling her a "joke" is what Lexi has always feared. As a result, he apologizes to her in the hallway of Bayside and the two sing together.

Relationship with Jamie

Lexi struggles daily with the inability to express the feelings she has for her childhood best friend, Jamie Spano. Things become increasingly difficult when Daisy Jiménez finds out about the feelings, but Lexi is able to convince her not to say anything to anyone. Lexi becomes jealous when Jamie begins giving Aisha Garcia his attention, and the two shortly begin an intimate relationship.

Lexi teams up with Mac in an effort to split Aisha and Jamie up. The two are mildly successful, and the two are able to draw a rift between the two, and Mac insists that Lexi take her shot whilst Jamie is vulnerable. Lexi and Jamie talk, but Lexi pulls away when Jamie is about to kiss her, finally realizing that she is not the same girl she used to be and cannot break up the relationship between the two.

Lexi is forced to watch Aisha and Jamie rekindle their connection for numerous more weeks at Bayside. When Aisha and Jamie finally break things off, Jamie realizes that he may have had feelings for Lexi all along, and the two kiss whilst Aisha watches from afar.[3]

Return to School

After the pandemic, during which Lexi and Jamie continued to date, even flirting during their virtual geometry class. On the first day back at school, however, Lexi stopped Jamie from kissing her because he was eating a hot dog and she wanted it to be perfect. Later, when he tried to kiss her again, she stopped him again and accidentally hit him with a locker door. As Jamie walked away to take care of his injury, Lexi told Daisy she wanted their second kiss to be perfect because she'd been thinking about it for a whole year. When Mac said he was covering all the events they'd missed for the entire year in one party, she asked if that included the Sweetheart Dance. He said it did and she thought that would be perfect for the kiss.

At the party, Lexi told Mac he had to get to the Sweetheart Dance part of the party right away. He did so and Lexi pulled Jamie onto the dance floor. She tried to kiss him, but he pulled away, asking her why she'd been so weird. She told him to kiss her and it wouldn't be weird anymore, but he pulled away from her and left.

Jamie found Lexi outside the party and they talked about their feelings, including all the pressure Lexi had put on their second kiss to be perfect. She apologized for making him think she didn't want to kiss him, because she really did. He said he wanted to kiss her, too, and did just that. Spencer popped out of a nearby trash can to celebrate and they both told him to leave. They then went back inside together to help clean up from the party.[4]

Investigating Gil

When Lexi found out that Daisy had a crush on a new student, Gil Vatooley, she took it upon herself to learn more about Gil in order to stop Daisy's crush. After some digging, she told Daisy that Gil was a complete dork, not realizing that would only make Daisy like him more. Lexi said she'd keep digging and find something that made him suck. Through this investigation, she found out that Gil had texted Daisy, asking to get a burger at The Max, but she didn't get it because of her ancient phone.[5]

Student Hotline

Daisy had the idea to start a student hotline to get some volunteer hours. Lexi volunteered to prove that she was a good listener. They had to undergo training and they both volunteered to role play a problem while Toddman gave them tips on how to help. Once their training was finished, they started taking calls. Lexi suggested that callers watch her show to get advice. Lexi ended up calling Aisha pretending to be a student needing help. When Aisha admitted her true feelings to the caller, Lexi revealed that it was her, which led to a fight. After their fight landed Daisy in detention, Lexi and Aisha decided to bury the hatchet and talk through their problem, which stemmed from jealousy over Jamie and Lexi's insecurity in the relationship. They also worked together to get Gil and Daisy together by landing Gil in detention.[6]

"Meet the Rich Parents" Training

When Lexi found out that DeVante was having dinner with Nadia's parents and meeting them for the first time, she offered to train him on how to act when meeting them. When he said he didn't have time because he had to leave immediately to get the bus there on time, Lexi instead did the training with Spencer.[7]

Getting Involved with Prism

While Lexi and DeVante were talking about the play they were putting on one day, Jamie came in and told them that some parents at another high school were suing to get a trans girl kicked off the soccer team. Everyone immediately looked at Lexi, who insisted that she was fine and told them to act normal. However, everyone else around her started talking to her more about trans-related issues, including Chloe, who invited Lexi to attend a sit-in they were holding to protest the parents' transphobia and meetings of the Prism Club. Lexi said she was too busy, even when Chloe said that if they never stood up to hate, it would keep happening.

Overwhelmed by everything, Lexi went to Jessie and said she really was fine until Chloe made her feel guilty for not going to the protest. Jessie told her that no one could tell her how or when to take a stand. Even small things could make a difference. Lexi took that to mean that something big could solve everything and started writing her own play, which she claimed would solve transphobia forever. They immediately started rehearsing the new play, but DeVante was concerned and asked if she really wanted to do it. Lexi brushed off his concerns and even called E! to film the play as a special segment for her show. While rehearsals continued, Chloe and other members of the Prism Club came and said that her play might do more harm than good as people's first exposure to trans issues. Finally, Jamie and DeVante were able to persuade Lexi to give up the play and go to a Prism Club meeting and offered to go with her to support her.

At the meeting, Lexi was surprised to learn they did more than protest. For example, they were in the middle of a lip sync battle. Chloe told her that if they stopped the party every time something bad happened, they'd never have any fun. And queer and trans joy is a form of resistance itself. Lexi happily joined the lip sync battle.[8]

Career Fair

Lexi attended the career fair with her friends. While they were there, she introduced herself to Lisa Turtle, whom she admired. While they were walking around, Lexi realized she was supposed to be presenting at the influencer booth.[9]

Musical and Helping Jamie

Lexi and DeVante performed in the musical together, leading Nadia to remark to Jamie that they were dating the two most talented students in school. When Jamie became downhearted because he realized he didn't have any talents are abilities, Lexi cheered him up by telling him he's the best at being a friend.[10]

DeVante's Audition and Mac's Prank

When Lexi learned that Phil Dapatone wanted DeVante to audition for him, she immediately offered to be DeVante's agent and began making calls on his behalf. She learned that the audition was for a boy band and told him that while that wasn't what he wanted, it would only be a stepping stone to becoming so rich and famous he could do whatever he wanted. The audition went well, but DeVante decided not to continue pursuing it because he'd have to drop out of school and being at Bayside convinced him he had ways to get out of the hood other than picking up a ball or a microphone and he wanted to take one of those other options.

Meanwhile, Mac declared his intent to destroy Gil and started pranking him. Jamie went to Lexi and said he was sure Mac was doing it because he was in love with Daisy and felt threatened by Gil. When they realized Mac was planning to do his worst prank, they kidnapped him and handcuffed him to a pole. They said they'd keep him there until he admitted he had feelings for Daisy. He did so after enduring their torture and called the prank off. Despite this, he ended up doing the prank anyway, to everyone's horror. They all turned against Mac until Daisy came in with Trevor the Tiger's decapitated head and revealed that Gil was the one who had done it because he was a spy from Valley.[11]

Lexi wondered how that could be because she'd researched him. He said that everyone at Valley was helping him cover his tracks. Gil also confessed to having deleted all their volunteer hours to keep them out of the spirit competition, forcing them to come up with a way to get their hours by midnight. Toddman suggested a dance contest, with mandatory participation of all students.

Lexi witnessed Aisha and Chloe flirting in the hallway and pulled Aisha into her office, where Aisha said she'd had crushes on women before, but never one she knew in real life. Lexi was the first person she'd told about it and she wasn't sure she was ready to tell anyone else. Lexi assured her that if she danced with Chloe, no one would noticed because they'll be too busy looking at Lexi's dress.

At the dance marathon, Lexi told Aisha she saw her dancing with Chloe and they looked like they were having fun. Aisha said they hadn't danced to any slow songs because she kept chickening out. At the end of the night, Lexi went to Aisha and said she'd looked through the pictures on Spencer's camera and thought she might need to delete some before giving it back to him. Aisha looked at the pictures of herself and Chloe and agreed with Lexi that they were cute. Aisha told her not to delete them.[12]

Spirit Competition

On the day of the Spirit Competition, Lexi worried Jamie would feel left out without an event to compete in, but Jamie said that cheering on his friends was the best event of all. Jamie then said that Lexi had really helped him through what had been a rough couple of months and said he loved her. When she struggled to talk, he said she didn't have to say it back, but she told him it was new to her to have someone she could count on and she loved him, too. However, he later learned she was quoting a commercial she'd done and couldn't say it on her own.

When Lexi found out the girl she was going against had picked the same monologue she was doing, she had Spencer start looking for a new monologue she could do. When Jamie came back to her and told her he knew she loved him because of all the ways she showed it, Lexi got inspired and said she knew what monologue she'd be doing. She did a monologue from The Fast and the Furious, Tokyo Drift, one of Jamie's favorite movies.

After Jamie won the final race and sealed the entire competition for Bayside, Lexi went to him and told him she loved him.[13]



Jamie Spano

At the beginning of the school year, Lexi and Jamie are still best friends, having been this way since they were children. Unbeknownst to Jamie — and the rest of Bayside High — however, Lexi is secretly in love with Jamie, and has been for an unknown period of time. Daisy Jiménez is the first person that Lexi opens up to about her feelings for Jamie, and Daisy encourages her to chase Jamie, but Lexi finds the prospect too daunting and embarrassing. As a result, Lexi is left heart broken when Jamie engages in a relationship with the new quarter back, Aisha Garcia.

As a result of her feelings, Lexi teams up with Mac Morris in an effort to break up Aisha and Jamie on the latter's birthday. The plan is mildly successful, but Lexi calls off the plan just as Jamie is about to kiss her as she believes she truly has changed her ways. Despite her feelings for Jamie, Lexi sacrifices him in an effort to see him happy with Aisha.[14]



Mac Morris

DeVante Young

Daisy Jiménez

Aisha Garcia


Season 1

  1. Pilot
  2. Clubs and Cliques
  3. The Bayside Triangle
  4. The Fabulous Birchwood Boys
  5. Rent-A-Mom
  6. Teen-Line
  7. House Party
  8. The Todd Capsule
  9. All in the Hall
  10. Showdown

Season 2


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Notes and Trivia

  • Her last name implies she has Italian and Levantine Arab ancestry, like her actor.[15]
  • Like her actress, she is a transgender woman.
  • Her parents are divorced.[16]
  • Her birthday is December 30.[17]
  • She has a podcast called "Shut Up While I Talk."[18]