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Let the Games Begin is the tenth and final episode of Season 2 of Saved by the Bell (2020) and the twentieth episode of the series overall. It was first released on November 24, 2021 on Peacock TV.


Bayside takes part in the spirit competition. Mac asks Zack for the secret to beating Valley.

Full Summary

Toddman starts to talk about the Spirit Competition, but Daisy interrupts him, saying they don't have time and everyone's been hearing about it for month. Mac explains the competition anyway. It's them versus Valley and two other schools. The top two schools go head to head in an obstacle course. As Daisy and Mac bicker, Slater and Jessie awkwardly greet each other in the doorway.

Slater asks Jessie if she's sure if this isn't a bad idea. She asks who cares, but he's trying to be more thoughtful about things. He wants to think more about it. Jessie doesn't want to think about it. She leaves in a panic.

Daisy tells Mac to wrap it up because people need to get ready for their events. Colt is excited about the barbecue competition. Mac ends the meeting, but then sees a late arrival and says they'll have to do it all over again, upsetting Daisy.

DeVante plays piano and tries to sing, but the notes are sour. Lexi asks him to breathe toward Spencer if he's contagious. DeVante sys he's not sick. He's not sure what's happening. He tries again and it happens again.

Mac and Daisy check items off their to-do list. Daisy's ready for the knowledge bowl. Jake appears in front of them and says he wouldn't be too sure about that. He's actually blonde. Daisy's smarter than Jake, but he's been studying all year. Daisy starts to panic. Toddman comes up and reminds Mac that Bayside hasn't won the contest in 200 years. His dad came the closest. If anyone knows how to beat Valley, it's him. Zack says he's only been doing this to one up his dad. He can't ask his dad for help. When Toddman argues with him over it, Mac sends him to detention.

Lexi worries that Jamie will feel left out without an event to compete in. Jamie considers cheering on his friends to be the greatest event of all. Lexi got him tickets to the Fast and the Furious 10: Look Who's Driving Now, a prequel where they're all babies. She hates the movies, but they make Jamie happy. Jamie says the last few months have been rough, but thanks to her, he never fell apart. He tells Lexi he loves her. She stutters and he says she doesn't have to say it. She says it's new to her to have someone she can count on. She tells him she loves him. too.

Aisha tells Chloe she looks cute in Aisha's letter jacket, but warns her not to turn into a jock. Aisha starts to lean in, but then sees Daisy sitting nearby. Chloe realizes she hasn't told Daisy yet. Aisha says she's ready and is sure Daisy won't be shocked. She goes to tell her.

Aisha starts to tell Daisy, but Daisy interrupts, panicking that Jake's going to beat her. Aisha leaves her to study.

Jessie sees Kelly in the library. She's studying for the MCATs. She had to get away from Zack. He's too supportive and keeps trying to help her study. It's distracting. Jessie has something to tell Kelly as well. She tells Jessie she kissed Slater. Kelly's so excited. Jessie says it's horrible. Slater shut it down, saying it was a terrible idea. Jessie and Kelly agree that she should tell Slater he's wrong.

Toddman welcomes everyone to the competition. He introduces the competing schools. Jake's representing Valley and taunts Daisy, who is confident she'll beat him. Jake tries to cut her down anyway.

The first event is tug-o-war. As that's going on, The Fish finds Aisha and tells her he didn't make weight. Someone sent him good luck cupcakes. She's going to have to wrestle. She says she can't because she's not as good as he is. Lexi comes up with news that the girl she's up against is doing the same monologue she is. DeVante wonders why they're having bad luck, but Daisy realizes Valley is cheating. Just then, Valley wins the tug-o-war. The competitors from Bayside say Valley greased the rope with peanut butter, which they're all allergic to. Toddman realizes Daisy was right about Valley sabotaging them.

Bayside is ready to compete against Valley in the finale. Right before the race, Valley whispers something in Zack's ear which throws him. Zack never revealed what Valley said.

Lexi says they need to know what Valley said. Mac refuses to ask Zack. Jamie says he can try, but Daisy tells Mac they need him.

Jessie confronts Slater about what he said. She's a catch. She's honest. If anyone's a bad idea, it's him. She starts talking about him and admits he's her best friend. He says he didn't say she was a bad idea, but maybe they were. He often leaps before he looks and he's trying not to do that anymore, something she told him to do.

Jessie and Slater make out. She asks if he really wants to get back together or if he's just sad they lost Spirit. He says who cares and tries to kiss her again, but she runs away. As she goes, Zack comes and punches him in the gut.

Jessie and Slater make out on a couch. She asks if it's a good idea because he's dating that other girl. He asks who cares and tries to lean in again, but Kelly comes in with a movie for them to watch and sits between them.

Jessie and Slater make out. She pulls back and asks if it's a good idea. He says it's Y2K, who cares? She walks away.

Jessie's horrified that she did that to him so many times. She remembers another time she did it, but he doesn't want to think about that. He doesn't want them to start something they'll regret later. She says that's mature and thoughtful.

DeVante tries to rehearse again. Nadia thinks Valley must have sabotaged him. DeVante says he caught a kid trying to untune the piano and stuffed him into it, so it can't be that.

Jamie checks on Lexi, who has Spencer trying to find her a new monologue. Spencer thinks he found one, but he was watching the wrong movie for it. Jamie's happy despite spirit going poorly because of what she said. Then he sees a clip on Spencer's computer of Lexi saying the exact think she said to him to the State Farm Agent in a commercial. Lexi tries to deny it, but can't tell him she loves him again.

Aisha watches the wrestling matches. She goes to Daisy, who is still studying, and says the guy she's supposed to wrestle is scary. She also needs to talk to Daisy about something. Daisy tells Aisha she has to wrestle and Daisy needs to study. She doesn't need another problem on her plate. Aisha never said she wasn't going to wrestle. She's been getting better and Daisy hasn't noticed, but then she hasn't noticed a lot of things. Aisha leaves, so she won't be another problem for Daisy.

Mac goes to Zack and asks for help with difficulty. Zack's excited to help, but when Mac asks what Valley whispered to him. Zack says he can't tell Mac. Mac starts playing recorder poorly to torture him into telling him. Zack tells him he can't tell him the secret, but he can tell other secrets. Mac thinks Zack is trying to sabotage him. Zack realizes that's why Mac wants to win so badly. Zack just wants to spend more time with Mac. They argue and Zack finally admits that there is no secret. Valley just said to have a nice race. Zack lied because he was embarrassed that he lost. Mac says they're screwed. Mac's phone rings. It's Daisy, telling him she hopes he got the secret, because Valley spooked Nadia's horse and Daisy's crammed so many facts she's starting to forget things. Mac says his dad didn't, but he'll prevail anyway and do what Zack couldn't. Daisy says they'll never get to the obstacle course, but Mac tells her to find a way.

Toddman's upset that they're losing. He's surprised to see Daisy in his office. She starts to panic when she mixes up some facts. Toddman sits her down and says it's okay if they lose. She says if they lose, the whole year was for nothing. She wasted all semester dating a liar and having fun with her friends. Toddman says there's no such thing as lost time. All time is valuable. You're always growing. You get just as much out of the fun stuff as the hard stuff. Win or lose, she didn't waste the year. None of them did.

Lexi prepares for the monologue contest. Daisy's voice comes over the PA rallying all of Bayside. She tells them they spent the year getting better, too. They're better people in many ways. She wants them to ask themselves what they learned and use what they learned to beat Valley.

DeVante realizes he can't sing because he has school spirit. That's why he's been in his head. Because he cares. He has a great girlfriend and job. He didn't want to come to Bayside, but now he wants to stay. He tells Nadia he loves Bayside.

Jamie comes to Lexi and says she knows she loves him because of all the ways she shows it, even though she has trouble saying it. Lexi's inspired. She's figured out her monologue.

Jake and Daisy prepare for the knowledge bowl. The proctor says they each get two five-minute bathroom breaks. The first is right now. Each competitor pulls out a book to study.

DeVante sings beautifully.

Aisha wrestles.

Lexie starts a monologue from The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

DeVante continues his song.

Jake is ahead by one point. The next category is sports. Daisy gets it and ties the game. She knew the answer because of Aisha, whom she has been ignoring. Their second break starts. They pull out their books, but Daisy runs out of the room.

DeVante is still singing.

Daisy goes to Aisha and apologizes to her. She asks what Aisha was going to tell her. Aisha tells her she's been seeing Chloe and really likes her. Daisy happily hugs her. She promises to make time for Aisha, but she has to get back to the knowledge bowl.

Lexi continues her monologue. Jamie mouths the words form the audience.

The score is tied again. Daisy answers the final question to win.

Bayside moves up into third place.

Aisha is pinned, but gets up and pins her opponent, winning her match. Aisha runs to the audience and hugs and kisses Chloe.

DeVante finishes his song. Nadia claps and a girl from Trunchbull rips up her sheet music.

Bayside moves into second place. Jake says they made it to the finals, but he's still going to beat Mac. He's so predictable. Daisy says Mac has changed. He's less selfish than he used to be. Mac realizes the only way Bayside can win is if he loses, so Jamie's going to run instead of him. Jamie panics because he doesn't have any talents. Mac says that doesn't matter. He just has to be not-Zack. Jake says that's not fair because they don't know anything about Jamie. Mac tells them to have a nice race.

Jake and Jamie step up to the start line. They start the race. There are several distractions on the way, but they don't trip up Jamie like they would have stopped Mac and he pulls ahead.

Zack asks Mac why he's not running the course. Zack insists that Mac never needed to prove he's better than Zack because of course he is. He does stuff Zack never did like think about other people and study. He never would have given up the glory of running the obstacle course to help the team. Mac asks if he really means it. Zack calls a time out to complain, but then tells Mac he does.

Jamie wins the obstacle course, winning the Spirit Competition for Bayside. Lexi goes to Jamie and tells him she loves him. Then she turns around and asks if anyone got that on tape. When Spencer says he did, she asks if anyone else did, upsetting Spencer. Everyone cheers for Jamie. Daisy goes to Jake and whispers something in his ear.

Zack tells Kelly he's proud of Mac and her. She tells Zack he'll find a thing. Toddman comes up and tells them the superintendent is retiring. It's a lot of work and the election will be an uphill battle. Then he and Zack simultaneously announce they'll be running.

Daisy congratulates Mac. He asks her what she whispered in Jake's ear. She says she told him she only dates guys who win the Spirit Competition. Mac likes that.

Jessie sees Slater in the parking lot. She asks if he's going to The Max. He isn't because he figured she would. She's not for the same reason. She doesn't want things to be awkward between them. He was right. It's a bad idea. He says who cares and steps forward to kiss her.


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Notes and Trivia

  • Zack tells Mac: "I went to middle school in Indiana, and one day I woke up and I lived in Los Angeles, and no one ever explained why." This references a large plot hole between the "Good Morning, Miss Bliss" era of the show, originally set in Indiana, and the follow-up series "Saved by the Bell," in which the characters suddenly lived in southern California.
  • Daisy refers to herself as "Maisy" which is her and Mac's ship name but the subtitles says "Maisie" instead of "Maisy."