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Johnny Dakota is a Hollywood actor who chose Bayside High for his next anti-drug commercial.

Student Lisa Turtle was one of his biggest fans but always got too shy to talk to him. Johnny also became infatuated with Kelly Kapowski.

During Johnny's visit, Zack Morris and Screech Powers began selling merchandise that had belonged to or been used by Johnny. He even gave his jacket to Zack as a gift.

However Zack, A.C. Slater, Jessie Spano and the others found out during a party that Johnny himself was smoking marijuana. and told him it wasn't right to do the commercial as it showed hypocrisy and deceit to the viewers.

Johnny however refused to listen and a disappointed Zack handed back his jacket. If Johnny wasn't going to listen to reason, the gang would have no part of it.

They each left the set, one by one. Lisa told him that when she wanted to talk to him, she couldn't and now that she could, she didn't want to, Screech told him that all his Johnny Dakota action figures would now become lawn malt and when Kelly finally left, ending her relationship with him, an exasperated Johnny replied he didn't need their aggravation and left Bayside in anger.