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Jamie Eleanor Spano[1] is the son of the school counselor at Bayside High, Dr. Jessica Spano.


Early Life

Jamie Eleanor Spano was born sometime in the fall of 2004 to Jessie Spano in California.

In 2019, Jamie started High School at his mother's alum mater Bayside High.

Prior to the closure of California schools, Jamie is comfortable in his position as captain of Bayside High's football team. Things become difficult for Jamie when his position on the team — and in school — is challenged by Aisha Garcia, a new arrival at the school.

Playing Football

Jamie is initially comfortable in his position as the captain (and quarterback) on Bayside's football team. Following the start of a new semester, however, it becomes clear to A.C. Slater that he must replace Jamie with a new arrival at Bayside, Aisha Garcia. The decision is difficult for Slater, given his friendship with Jamie's mother, Jessie Spano, but eventually he posts the new line up.

Jamie is angry and upset about his position on the team, but it quickly becomes clear that Jamie was never good at football, but gained his position on the team via his mother's friendship with Slater. Eventually, Jamie concedes his position, finally accepting that Aisha is better at football than him and agrees that the two can be friends.[2]


Unlike his mother Jessie Spano, Jamie is not super bright he can be very clueless. He is best described as a "sensitive man-child."[3]



Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio

Jamie and Lexi are best friends, and have been since childhood. Despite this, Jamie was previously blissfully unaware that Lexi has romantic feelings for Jamie. When the relationship breaks down between Jamie and Aisha — mainly due to Lexi's scheming — Jamie attempts to kiss Lexi, but Lexi pulls away, realizing that she cannot destroy the relationship Jamie has with Aisha.

The two remain friends until the breakdown of Aisha and Jamie's relationship. After this, Lexi admits that she has romantic feelings for Jamie and the two kiss in the hallway of Bayside High. The kiss is witnessed by Aisha, who was on her way to tell Jamie that she loves him too.

Aisha Garcia

Despite being replaced on the team by Aisha, Jamie grows fond of the new arrival. Jamie eventually realizes that the feelings are reciprocated, and the two begin more intimate. Their relationship is difficult, however, and Jamie feels as though Aisha does not feel the same about him. On numerous occasions, he tries to ask Aisha to be his girlfriend, but she avoids him.

Aisha eventually agrees to be Jamie's girlfriend, but the relationship is rocky. After Aisha accidentally sends Jamie a voice memo remarking that she cannot be his girlfriend as he is "dumb", the relationship breaks down. Jamie later talks with Aisha, and he admits that he loves her, but she remarks that she does not feel the same despite having a good time. As a result, the two call off their relationship.

Shortly after, Jamie realises that he may have feelings for his best friend, Lexi, but has been avoiding them due to the two being best friends. Jamie and Lexi talk about the feelings, and they eventually kiss; the kiss is witnessed by Aisha, who was going to tell Jamie that she loves him too.[4]


Mac Morris

Daisy Jiménez

DeVante Young

Colt Cassidy


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Notes and Trivia

  • He has a dog named "Porno."
  • He was replaced as Quarterback of the football team by Aisha Garcia as he's mediocre in the position.
  • His last name is his mother Jessie Spano's maiden name she most likely kept her maiden name when she got married.
  • Jamie is the son of former Bayside student turned staff member, Jessie Spano.
  • He used to wear Braces.[5]
  • His phone's pass code is "8008".[6]
  • It was revealed in House Party that his Grandfather passed away it is unknown if it was his Grandfather on his mother's side or his father's side.
  • Both Jamie and Mac Morris are the only main characters in the reboot that are children to at least one of the main characters in the original series. Jamie is the son of Jessie Spano. Mac Morris is the son of Kelly Kapowski and Zack Morris.
  • Jamie was born sometime in the Fall of 2004 because Season 1 takes place in the Fall of 2020 during Jamie's Sophomore year of High School.[7] Sophomores are normally 15 or 16 years old. Jamie celebrates his birthday in House Party by throwing a Birthday Party at his house. In the Season 1 finale Showdown, Jamie reveals that he's 16 years old.
  • Jamie's initials are "JES" which is the first three letters of his mother Jessie Spano's first name.