When doing pictures, there are a few rules. When you name the picture, your must first put in the episode title, followed by the name(s) of who's in it, and a brief description of what's happening. You also must licence it, and in the summery write the episode, the season, and if you can, the character(s).

You may also write in 'Group' when it's all or most of the gang

  • EX1) SBtB - Zack Kelly Kiss
  • EX2) SB-Collegeyears - Slater mad @ guy

and for the summaries simply put: Save by the Bell in Season Two (ect.)

This is to make it all easier when someone else is looking for a picture for an article from an episode. Or just a picture of a character. And don't forget capitals when making a season a link

Also pictures for character pages, and episode summaries must be 188px