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House Party is the seventh episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the seventh episode of the series overall.


Lexi and Mac attempt to break up Jamie and Aisha's new relationship; Daisy tries to go wild.


At Bayside, Jamie and Lexi joke about Jamie being bad at throwing and catching. They seem to get along, but Lexi immediately becomes jealous when Aisha arrives at school at Jamie begins diverting his attention to her instead as the two leave the hallway. Daisy arrives moments later and asks if Lexi is alright, to which she agrees. Things turn for the worst when Mac arrives shortly after and convinces Lexi to help him break up Jamie and Aisha.

Ronald Toddman meanwhile attempts to convince Slater to come on a double date with him later that night. Slater immediately refuses, but Toddman pleads with him, remarking that his date will only attend if there is someone for her friend to come with. Toddman continues to attempt to convince Slater, to no avail.

Lexi and Mac present their plans to break up Aisha and Jamie. Mac plans to turn Jamie against Aisha using a dog, but Lexi rebukes Mac, citing that she has a much better plan. Lexi proposes that they use Aisha's insecurities against her in the form of the numerous ex-girlfriends that Jamie has had before Aisha; Mac is confused, but likes the plan and eagerly listens.

Slater finally decides to make his move with Jessie given her recent relationship woes. In her office, he begins explaining that he was going to catch a movie that week, but Jessie interrupts, remarking that she is spending time with Rene, therefore cannot go on a date with him. Not wanting to be embarrassed, Slater lies, remarking that he already has a date set up. Leaving Jessie's office, Slater agrees to go on the double-date with Toddman.

Arriving at their date, Toddman and Slater immediately hit it off with their dates. Everything seems to be going well, but is interrupted when Slater receives a call from Jessie, revealing that Jamie's party is out of control and asking if he can go over to shut the whole thing down. Slater remarks that he is on his date, but his feelings for Jessie are too powerful and he leaves the date seconds later to shut the party down.

At the party, Lexi and Mac's plan is a roaring success, and they have caused a large rift between Aisha and Jamie and the two have begun arguing. Mac radios Lexi telling her that their plan is a success, and all there is left to do is to manipulate Jamie into kissing her. Slater arrives at the party moments later to shut it down, despite the objections from the Bayside Tigers. The tigers are able to convince Slater to join their dance competition, allowing the party to continue, and things between Lexi and Jamie become heated.

Lexi finds Jamie in his room, and the two talk about their history together and Jamie makes a remark about how mean Lexi used to be, but remarks that she has changed now. At this moment, Jamie leans in to kiss Lexi, but she pulls away, not wanting to live by the reputation she used to have any more. Lexi leaves the room to find Aisha, and apologises, remarking that she started the scheme because she is in love with Jamie. Aisha explains that she fears that she and Jamie are from two different worlds, given their social class differences, and feels as though this is driving a wedge between them. Nonetheless, Lexi convinces Aisha to continue what she has with Jamie.

While the guys are dancing, with colorful tank tops, shorts, socks, and shutter shades, the party is interrupted moments later by the sounds of the police knocking on the door. Slater answers, remarking that the party got a little out of hand, but the officer is understanding. Slater is saddened when the officer refers to Daisy as his daughter, with Slater realizing all that he has failed to accomplished — including starting a family. Slater tells all of the children to go home, and afterwards, when Jessie and Rene arrive home, Slater finally lets go of the feelings he has been holding onto since his time at Bayside.


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Notes and Trivia

  • This episode has the same name as an episode from the original series, House Party.
  • It is revealed that the Spano house was purchased for $3.1 million in 2002.
  • A.C. Slater dances to the song Barbara Ann is a reference to the original series from the same episode with the same title. He even wears the same outfit from that scene in the original series that he admits that he keeps in the trunk of his car.[1]
  • The outfits Slater, Colt, and Mac wear while dancing to the song Barbara Ann are similar to the outfits that Slater, Screech, and Zack wore in the original series while dancing to the same song in the same episode with the same title.
  • Mac wears an outfit that is similar while dancing to the song Barbara Ann that his father Zack Morris wore while dancing to the same song even uses a broom as a Guitar just like father.