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Fatal Distraction is the fourth episode of the first season of Saved by the Bell.


With the big dance coming up, Zack will do anything to get Kelly to go with him. He's even willing to bug her room to find out things about her but unfortunately for him the girls find it at a sleepover and have now set plans in motion to get him back.



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Zack: "Kelly."
Kelly: "Hi, Zack."
Zack: "So Kel, big dance Friday night, huh?"
Kelly: "I haven't asked anyone yet, Zack."
Zack: "Really, well I just want you to know that I'm keeping my calendar clear, if you know what I mean."
Kelly: I know what you mean, you want me to ask you?"
Zack: "You could do worse."
Slater: "You could do better."
Zack: "Mr. Belding, you don't understand. She gets these headaches, and-"
Belding: "They ALL get headaches, Morris."

Notes and Trivia

  • Screech's quote of "I have to tell you, I'm not like other guys." is a line from the beginning of one of Michael Jackson's most famous mini-movies, Thriller, when he's trying to tell his girlfriend that he's a werewolf.
  • The title is a pun on the 1987 movie Fatal Attraction, starring Michael Douglas and Glenn Close.