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Fake IDs is the ninth episode of season three of Saved by the Bell.


Zack falls for a college girl, Danielle, when she uses the phonebooth at The Max. In order to impress her, he lies about his age and gets Screech to make fake I.D.'s so they can sneak into a night club called the Attic (18+). Things get complicated when the boys find Jeff "cheating."



Main Cast

Guest Cast


Zack: "You idiot! No one's gonna believe I'm fifty-four years old!"

Mrs. Morris: "Hi guys, I brought you a bed time snack!"
A.C. Slater: "Oooh, food!"

A.C. Slater: |"Hey, cool scar, man!"
Bouncer: "Thanks, man. It's a gift from my girl."

A.C. Slater: "Hi, I'm, uh, Zack's older, cooler, more happening friend, A.C. Slater."
Sandy: "Ooh, what's the A.C. stand for?"
A.C. Slater: "Absolutely Charming."

Lisa: "Wait a minute... you have to be eighteen to get to the Attic."
Screech Powers: "Not true! You could be fifty-four!"

Notes and Triva

  • Blooper: Screech was developing pictures in a well lit classroom taken from the club. Since the classroom was well lit, the pictures wouldn't have developed given they'd have been over-exposed — Screech would need to develop the photographs in a darkroom.
  • Danielle would not have called Zack's house when she was planning to be late for the Attic as she would know he was already there.