Derek Morris
Biographical Information
Age: 47+
Status: Married

Zack Morris (Son)


Melanie Morris (Wife)

Physical Description
Gender: Male
Hair color: Dirty Blonde
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'8
Character Information
First appearance: Rent-A-Pop
Portrayed by: John Sanderford

"Derek to Zack"


He appears in rent a pop when Mr. Belding makes Zack tell his dad to meet with them wanting that not to happen he hires an actor to play his dad and according to Mr. Belding it went so well that he wants him to go on the ski trip so he writes them a letter when Zack's dad goes to the school, Mr. Belding is distracted by Screech while the actor plays Mr. Belding but when Zack's dad goes outside to the carnival and Mr. Belding taunts him his dad asks him who he is back at Zack's house. Zack and him have a talk and Zack tells him that he's too involved with business he also is depicted in Good Morning, Miss Bliss, where he dates Miss Bliss which is not canon since he is married, although he only appears in Saved by the Bell once, but he also appears at Zack and Kelly's wedding along with his wife Melanie and Kelly's family.