David Spano

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David Spano is Jessie Spano's father. At some point, he and Jessie's mother divorced and he moved to Palm Springs. During that time he met Leslie at a gym and she became his personal instructor. They soon fell in love and after a few dates, he proposed to her which she accepted.

David then invited Jessie and her friends Zack, Kelly, Slater, Screech and Lisa to attend.

Everyone except Jessie grew to like Leslie thinking her as a wonderful person that made him happy. However Jessie became jealous of how fit and beautiful she was and became horrified when it turned out that she was her father's fiancée. Jessie resented Leslie for marrying her father who was much older than her, thinking she would take advantage and make him forget about his daughter, so she tried several attempts to drive her away but all in vain.

When the wedding day came and after Jessie had upset Leslie once again, David came to see Jessie who expressed her feelings of not marrying Leslie. David replied that he would always be her father but Jessie was growing up and she would soon have her own life. He then said that he and Leslie both loved each other and he wanted his own life too. He concluded firmly that he was marrying Leslie with or without her approval.

Eventually Jessie left, but after some persuasion from Zack, she returned to the wedding and both David and Leslie forgave Jessie for her earlier actions. David then married Leslie and she became Jessie's step-mother.

David was not featured as a character on the original show again but if still alive in canon, may appear on the reboot.

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