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Date Auction is the fifteenth episode of the third season of Saved by the Bell


A date-auction is held by the school to raise money for new cheerleading uniforms. Jessie is not keen on the idea of a "meat market," and forbids the girls to bid on Slater. Lisa changes her image to bag her bookworm boyfriend, but is disgusted when she learns that he hates her friends and dumps him. And when an overweight girl bids on Zack and wins, he has to deal with the consequences, when she finds out that he has been making excuses to avoid going out with her. Realizing it would have been better to be honest with her, Zack apologizes for his actions and agrees to be her date, but she is not seen again.



Main Cast

Guest Cast

Judy Carmen as Wendy Parks

Notes and Trivia

Judy Carmen, who played Wendy Perks, died June 20, 2015 after a yearlong battle with cancer. She was the founder and director of Creation Station Dance.