Fake ID's - 5 Danielle
Biographical Information
Age: 18
Status: Unknown

Zack Morris (dated)

Physical Description
Gender: Female
Hair color: Brunette
Eye color: Green
Height: 5'4
Character Information
First appearance: Fake ID's
Portrayed by: Julie St. Claire

Season 3

Danielle (Julie St. Claire) is a girl that Zack dates for one episode ("Fake I.D.'s"). Zack meets Danielle at the Max after she gets a flat tire. She attempts to use the occupied pay phone, so Zack allows her to use his cell phone. He then changes the flat tire after the tow truck company says it would take an hour. Danielle is a student at USC, so Zack lies and tells her he was also a Trojan. He continues to lie, telling her that he is a Photojournalism major, and the reason that she never saw him on campus is because he is always in the dark room working on a project. Zack manages to make fake IDs so that he, Slater, and Screech can sneak into The Attic, an over-18 nightclub where Danielle is a regular patron. After a second visit to the nightclub, Ms. Morris came to take Zack out of the "Attic" a place where many college students went to hang out after learning her son lied to her. During all of this, Zack's mom finds out that the boys had snuck out from a supposed sleepover to go to The Attic. Just as Danielle shows up at The Attic, Zack's mom is there to bust the boys.


Danielle probably ditches Zack upon learning he lied to her.