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Daisy Sofia Jiménez is a transfer student from Douglas High and the best friend of Aisha Garcia.


Early Life

She was born on July 12th, 2005 in Los Angeles County Hospital.[1]

Arrival at Bayside

Daisy arrives at Bayside High following the forced-closure of her previous school, Douglas High, under Zack Morris' budget cuts. Daisy arrives with DeVante Young and Aisha Garcia, but finds that — unlike her fellow classmates — she does not fit in, nor like, Bayside.

Daisy finds solace at Bayside when she hears about the vacant position of Student President, to which she decides to run for. She encounters numerous blockades, however, such as lack of funding, and the opposition of the self-proclaimed golden boy, Mac Morris. Eventually, however, she wins the election following the resignation of both Mac and Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio. Daisy's first order of business as Student President is the relocation of the bus stop to the current "Presidential parking spot" that sits outside of Bayside.[2]

Clashes with Bayside students

As Daisy becomes more self aware in her position as Class President at Bayside, she begins exploring her comfort zone more. After finding out that she must plan the Harvest Dance, Daisy teams up with Mac and he begins to teach her how to "spend like a rich kid". This angers Daisy initially, but she soon finds that wealth brings added extras and can help a lot with the smaller things in life.

Eventually, Daisy's obsession with the dance being perfect turns toxic. Daisy alienates numerous students, including those that had volunteered to help set up for the dance, and she is left alone to finish setting up. Mac eventually manages to persuade the students to return by paying them; this teaches Daisy a valuable lesson: whilst money can alienate, it can also solve problems. Daisy promises not to let the situation repeat itself, however.[3]

Fight for Bayside

Following the tension between the Bayside High and Douglas High students, the Douglas students are ordered to return to their own school after Daisy unknowingly fundraises enough to invest in the school. Feeling comfortable in their new environment, the students do not wish to return to Douglas, and Daisy makes it her mission to stop this from happening.

After a failed attempt to block the opening of Douglas High using legislature, Daisy plans a student-wide walkout that eventually gets the attention of the faculty, and even more so, Governor Zack Morris. Whilst the walkout is initially a failure, with the help of Aisha, Mac, DeVante, and Lexi, Daisy's walkout is successful, and the Governor freezes new school openings and closures for a three year period.[4]


She is a smart and ambitious sophomore transferred to Bayside High following her schools shutdown by Governor Zack Morris.[5]



Gil Vatooley


Mac Morris

Daisy has a complex and strained relationship with Mac Morris since her arrival at Bayside when the two are paired together. Given the fact that they are both from different worlds, both financially and socially, numerous difficulties arise. Eventually, Daisy is able to convince Mac that he no longer needs to rely on his prankster ways, and can actually be nice and not self-fulfilled. In turn, Mac teaches Daisy that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

Aisha Garcia

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Daisy and Aisha are best friends who both attended — and subsequently transferred from — Douglas High together. They have known each other since at least middle school because Daisy mentioned to Aisha one of their former teachers from middle school. Their friendship is strong, and the two often work together to aid each other in their interactions with the upper class Bayside students. After it is announced that the Douglas students will be transferred back, the relationship between the two suffers as a result of Aisha ensuring she will remain at Bayside. Eventually, the two talk about their issues and, when the students are allowed to remain at Bayside, the relationship between the two is repaired.[4]

Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio

Jamie Spano

DeVante Young


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Notes and Trivia

  • She is elected President of the Student Council in Pilot.
  • Daisy is best friends with Aisha Garcia, having both transferred from Douglas High following its closure.
  • Daisy is the second character in the Saved by the Bell franchise capable of breaking the fourth wall. The first being Zack Morris.
  • She doesn't own a smart phone because her mother thinks they are too expensive.
  • She has seen like 1,000 episodes of Law and Order including the weird ones with Jeff Goldblum.[6]