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Time out!
— Daisy's catchphrase

Daisy Sofia Jiménez is a transfer student from Douglas High and the best friend of Aisha Garcia.


Early Life

Daisy Sofia Jiménez was born on July 12th, 2005 in Los Angeles County Hospital to Ana Jiménez.[1] Daisy is the oldest and has a younger brother named Hector Jiménez.

In the fall of 2019, Daisy starts her freshmen year at Douglas High.

Arrival at Bayside

Daisy arrives at Bayside High following the forced-closure of her previous school, Douglas High, under Zack Morris' budget cuts. Daisy arrives with DeVante Young and Aisha Garcia, but finds that — unlike her fellow classmates — she does not fit in, nor like, Bayside.

Daisy finds solace at Bayside when she hears about the vacant position of Student President, to which she decides to run for. She encounters numerous blockades, however, such as lack of funding, and the opposition of the self-proclaimed golden boy, Mac Morris. Eventually, however, she wins the election following the resignation of both Mac and Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio. Daisy's first order of business as Student President is the relocation of the bus stop to the current "Presidential parking spot" that sits outside of Bayside.[2]

Clashes with Bayside Students

As Daisy becomes more self aware in her position as Class President at Bayside, she begins exploring her comfort zone more. After finding out that she must plan the Harvest Dance, Daisy teams up with Mac and he begins to teach her how to "spend like a rich kid". This angers Daisy initially, but she soon finds that wealth brings added extras and can help a lot with the smaller things in life.

Eventually, Daisy's obsession with the dance being perfect turns toxic. Daisy alienates numerous students, including those that had volunteered to help set up for the dance, and she is left alone to finish setting up. Mac eventually manages to persuade the students to return by paying them; this teaches Daisy a valuable lesson: whilst money can alienate, it can also solve problems. Daisy promises not to let the situation repeat itself, however.[3]

Fight for Bayside

Following the tension between the Bayside High and Douglas High students, the Douglas students are ordered to return to their own school after Daisy unknowingly fundraises enough to invest in the school. Feeling comfortable in their new environment, the students do not wish to return to Douglas, and Daisy makes it her mission to stop this from happening.

After a failed attempt to block the opening of Douglas High using legislature, Daisy plans a student-wide walkout that eventually gets the attention of the faculty, and even more so, Governor Zack Morris. Whilst the walkout is initially a failure, with the help of Aisha, Mac, DeVante, and Lexi, Daisy's walkout is successful, and the Governor freezes new school openings and closures for a three year period.[4]

Return to School

After the pandemic, Daisy and the other students returned to school. Daisy felt like she missed out on half her term as student class president and so decided to run again. She had been able to get people to care about real things and wanted to do that again.

At the first school assembly, Toddman announced the Southern California School Spirit Competition. Daisy didn't like the sound of it because she believed it would be pushed onto Student Council, which Toddman then confirmed to be true. She was then shocked when Yasmin announced that she was running for class president.

Daisy went to Mac and asked if he thought she could beat Yasmin. He said no because people want fun after being stuck inside for a year and she's not fun. When she learned that Mac was planning to throw all the parties they missed, she asked if she could join him and throw all the parties as one large party. She even said she'd get Toddman to agree to let them use the school.

At the party, Daisy welcomed people at the door and handed out campaign pins while Mac carried an airhorn which he used to signal the move from one party to the next. After a while, Daisy asked Mac to stop with the abrupt transitions between themes, but Lexi insisted he switch to the Sweetheart Dance immediately, which he did.

After the party was over, Mac poorly helped Daisy clean up and told her she might still win. She said what she really wanted was to get back what she'd lost, but she realized that wasn't possible. They'd all lost things they'd never get back. As they worked, other students came in to help them and Aisha told Daisy she had changed the school and people didn't forget that.[5]

Winning the Election and Meeting Gil

After the election, Toddman announced the winners and Daisy was once again elected class president. At the first student council meeting for the year, she announced that they'd need 15,000 volunteer hours to qualify for the School Spirit Competition and asked for suggestions for how to get them. After fielding a few bad suggestions, Daisy was enraptured when Gil Vatooley, the new vice president, walked in and introduced himself. He proposed an idea of his own and had a whole plan to execute it.

When Daisy confessed to her friends that she had a crush and didn't want to, Mac suggested that Daisy use subliminal tapes, but she said that had glaring consent issues. Lexi offered to investigate Gil and find out things about him that would put Daisy off. When Lexi came back, however, the things she learned made Daisy like Gil more. Lexi said she'd keep digging. Lexi's digging revealed that Gil had sent Daisy a text, but Daisy never got it because of her ancient phone. The first text invited her to get a burger at The Max. A follow-up came a few days later had him apologizing and promising not to bother her again. Daisy realized he'd been acting weird around her because he thought she didn't like him. She told Aisha about this and they each agreed to do what was scaring them, so Daisy went to Gil and tapped him on the shoulder.[6]

Student Hotline

Gil asked Daisy to hang out Friday evening, but Daisy countered with hanging out during school hours so her mother wouldn't find out she was dating him. In an attempt to give them more time together, Daisy proposed a student hotline to get volunteer hours. At a training for the hotline, Lexi and Aisha got into a fight and Daisy broke it up. When Toddman saw her yelling at Lexi and Aisha, she got in trouble.

When the hotline opened, they all started taking calls. When Lexi and Aisha got into another fight, Daisy again stepped in to break it up. She accidentally broke a phone in the process, landing herself in detention.

Daisy was surprised to see Gil join her in detention. He said he was there for setting Lexi's hair on fire, but she set her own hair on fire. They agreed that they were sad to have detentions, but glad to be there together. Mr. Dewey then woke up to tell them to stop talking and being cute, which isn't allowed in detention.[7]

Talent Show

In order to get the required number of volunteer hours, Daisy decided to make the school talent show a charity fundraiser so the hours would count toward their total. Lexi and Jamie warned her that no one else would participate if Mac did, because his talent, which was hard to describe, was so transformative, no one else wanted to go up against that. Daisy then went to Mac to ask him to drop out so that others would sign up. He said he would.

However, the day of the talent show, Mac decided to jump back in, desperate to one up his father in something. When others heard this, they immediately started dropping out. Daisy was horrified, as they had to have at least two acts or the hours wouldn't count. Gil said if no one else would do something, he would figure out something to do, despite his crippling stage fright. This ended up not being necessary because Zack decided to do an act, but Daisy was so grateful, she kissed Gil.[8]


At the next student council meeting, Mac appointed himself Spirit Czar, but Daisy rejected that and he agreed to let her do it instead. He kept suggesting more ideas for how to get the hours they needed, even when she told him to stop. At the same time, Gil asked Daisy to go on a real date with him. She told him she'd love to, but she hadn't told her mom yet about them. Gil said he'd told his mom because he thought she was his girlfriend. Daisy promised she'd tell her mom about them.

Daisy went home and told her mother about Gil. After initially reminded Daisy she wasn't allowed to date, her mother agreed to let her as long as it didn't affect her school work. Daisy went to do her homework so that wouldn't happen, but her Abuela stopped her and told her she had a dream that the boy Daisy loved was cursed. The next day, Daisy started to see signs that Abuela's dream was coming true, including getting a B on an assignment. She went to her mother and said she was prepared to break up with Gil. She also told her mother about the curse. Her mother said Abuela had had lots of dreams and they didn't mean anything. Daisy still didn't think she had time in her life for a boy. Ana said the real curse was having to balance everything. Daisy went to break up with Gil, but then decided to give up something else instead and appointed Mac Spirit Czar, allowing him to handle the School Spirit Competition.[9]

Career Fair

Daisy attended the Bayside High career fair with her friends. While they walked around, Daisy continuously rushed them through, dismissing their interests in careers she felt were a waste of time. When they got behind schedule, she became agitated with her friends and eventually told them all to leave because they'd ruined the fair for her. When they told her how her actions ruined their experience, she went around to collect brochures for DeVante and apologized to him and Aisha.[10]

When Mac led the school through several volunteer events to meet their hours requirement, Daisy was impressed. Finally, once they were in, he evaluated each student's abilities to determine the best candidate for each event. He told Daisy that she would be participating in the limbo contest. She told him she didn't want to, but Jamie did want to. Mac agreed to let them compete against each other, with the winner representing the school. Daisy easily won when Jamie fell and got a concussion.

Daisy missed a lunch date with Gil because she was training with Mac, leading Gil to question why she went along with his schemes. She said it was usually easier than fighting it and Gil reminded her that she wasn't the type to take the easy way out. Because of this, Daisy stood up to Mac and told him she wouldn't do the limbo contest.[11]

Outing Gil

When they had been dating for a month, Gil surprised Daisy with a laminator. She hadn't gotten him a gift, but pretended she had so she wouldn't look like a bad girlfriend. She finally decided to get Gil a video from their favorite author, L.M. Millencratz, wishing him a happy anniversary. This flopped because Gil didn't recognize her as he said looking at her picture would ruin the fantasy for him. Daisy said it was good thing she had a better gift planned. She then made a homemade coupon book and slipped it into his locker. However, she realized soon afterward that that was a terrible gift and got his locker combination from Kelly, who had had the same locker when she was in high school, and retrieved it. However, while she was in there, she found Bayside mascot Trevor the Tiger's decapitated head. She confronted Gil in the hallway and realized that Gil Vatooley is an anagram of I Go to Valley, meaning he was really just a spy.[12]

Gil said that he'd come to Bayside undercover to make sure they couldn't win the spirit competition. He tried several things to sabotage them, but they went unnoticed, so he went to plan B: deleting all their volunteer hours to disqualify them. Daisy felt like an idiot for trusting him, even when he said the only part of his ruse that was real was his feelings for her.

Daisy spent the next several hours trying to keep herself from answering Gil's calls. She wanted to talk to him because she wanted to know how much of their relationship was a lie. Mac offered to stay with her and keep her from answering her phone, even though they also had to find a way to get their hours. At a school assembly, Toddman suggested a dance contest, saying if all the students participated and they danced for 12 hours, it would be enough to get them in. He made it mandatory for everyone. Daisy worked with Mac to set up the dance and she admitted that she wanted answers because she had so many questions. Mac offered possible answers to her questions and continued answering as they started dancing. Finally, Daisy got into Gil's locker and found his phone, which had some email drafts with apology emails he'd written to her. Mac couldn't find an explanation for that and admitted that Gil must have really cared about her. The next time Gil called, Daisy answered and asked to see him.

Daisy and Gil met outside the school. She told him how upset she was about him lying to her. Gil told her she was the best person he'd ever met and offered to have their first dance together. While they were dancing, Daisy said they couldn't be together because the school wouldn't forgive him. He told her she wasn't like the Bayside kids. She leaned in and told him she was as Bayside as it gets, revealing that she was holding a dance number to his back so he was included in the count, allowing them to get their hours. He immediately turned cold and said they wouldn't win but Daisy said he was going down.

Daisy later told Jessie how the situation with Gil made her feel like a fool. Jessie said sometimes love can make you feel pretty stupid, but it's still worth it to put yourself out there.[13]

Spirit Competition

As the Spirit Competition approached, Mac explained that they'd be going against Valley and two other schools. The top two schools would go head to head in an obstacle course at the end. Daisy asked him to wrap his explanation up quickly because they needed to go prepare for their events. Daisy said she was ready for the knowledge bowl, but was shaken when Jake said he'd been studying for a year to beat her. When Aisha tried to talk to Daisy about something, Daisy brushed her off because she was studying.

At the competition, Daisy represented Bayside when Toddman introduced the schools and Jake taunted her from his spot representing Valley. As the events passed, Daisy started to realize that Valley was sabotaging their participants. Daisy continued her studying. When Aisha came to her again trying to talk, Daisy snapped at her. Aisha snapped back, saying Daisy hadn't noticed a lot of things going on with her lately.

As the knowledge bowl approached, Daisy started to panic more to Toddman, saying she was worried about them losing, because that would mean the entire year was wasted. He said that there was no such thing as lost time, as all time was valuable. Daisy took over the PA And rallied the Bayside students, saying they spent the year becoming better people and needed to use everything they'd learned to beat Valley.

The knowledge bowl began and the tie stayed roughly equal for Jake and Daisy. Daisy tied the score with a sports clue she knew because of Aisha. When they got a bathroom break, Daisy raced out of the room and found Aisha. She apologized and asked what Aisha needed to tell her. Aisha told her she was dating Chloe and really liked her. Daisy hugged her and promised to make more time for her, but had to rush back to the knowledge bowl, where Daisy answered the final question to break the tie and win.

When the time came for the final obstacle course, Mac realized the only way Bayside could win was if he lost, so he had Jamie run instead of him, foiling Valley's plan to sabotage him as Jamie was unfazed by all the distractions. When Jamie won, Daisy went to Jake and whispered something in his ear. She told Mac she'd told him she only dates guys who win Spirit Competitions.[14]


She is a smart and ambitious sophomore transferred to Bayside High following her school's shutdown by Governor Zack Morris.[15]



Gil Vatooley (ex-boyfriend)

Daisy first meets Gil at The Max in The Mac Tapes.


Mac Morris

Daisy has a complex and strained relationship with Mac Morris since her arrival at Bayside when the two are paired together. Given the fact that they are both from different worlds, both financially and socially, numerous difficulties arise. Eventually, Daisy is able to convince Mac that he no longer needs to rely on his prankster ways, and can actually be nice and not self-fulfilled. In turn, Mac teaches Daisy that she can accomplish anything she puts her mind to.

Aisha Garcia

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Daisy and Aisha are best friends who both attended — and subsequently transferred from — Douglas High together. They have known each other since at least middle school because Daisy mentioned to Aisha one of their former teachers from middle school. Their friendship is strong, and the two often work together to aid each other in their interactions with the upper class Bayside students. After it is announced that the Douglas students will be transferred back, the relationship between the two suffers as a result of Aisha ensuring she will remain at Bayside. Eventually, the two talk about their issues and, when the students are allowed to remain at Bayside, the relationship between the two is repaired.[4]

Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio

Jamie Spano

DeVante Young


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Notes and Trivia

  • She is elected President of the Student Council in Pilot.
  • Daisy is best friends with Aisha Garcia, having both transferred from Douglas High following its closure.
  • Daisy is the second character in the Saved by the Bell franchise capable of breaking the fourth wall. The first being Zack Morris.
  • She doesn't own a smart phone because her mother thinks they are too expensive.
  • She has seen like 1,000 episodes of Law and Order including the weird ones with Jeff Goldblum.[16]
  • She and Aisha dressed as the women of WrestleMania three Halloweens in a row.[17]