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For the Good Morning, Miss Bliss episode, see Clubs and Cliques (Miss Bliss).

Clubs and Cliques is the second episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the second episode of the series overall.


Aisha challenges Jamie's spot on the football team; Daisy and Mac disagree over an assignment.


Arriving at school for their second day, Aisha and Daisy encounter a stall set up outside of Bayside by parents from the school. The two introduce themselves, but are interrupted by Ronald Toddman, who remarks that the parents set up the stall each year despite being told it isn't necessary. Daisy and Aisha are confused when the parents hand them a bag with sanitary products and pregnancy tests enclosed, but enter the school nonetheless to begin the school day.

Inside, Jamie and Lexi are discussing the fact that neither the theatre positions or the football roster has been posted. Moments later, the theatre positions are posted, and Lexi is disappointed to find that DeVante Young has been handed the lead position in the show. Lexi congratulates him nonetheless, believing that she can manipulate him if they grow close; DeVante has no interest in friendship with Lexi, however, and simply walks away from the situation.

Daisy arrives at Honors English, ecstatic at the prospect of the class, having been placed in "regular English" by mistake the previous day. Daisy's excitement dulls, however, when she realises that Mac Morris — her "Bayside Buddy" and growing enemy — is also in the class. Mac makes a joke about it being an honor to teach him, but Daisy shrugs off the remark. Both Daisy and Mac are shocked when the teacher comes around to collect their summer reports on Frankenstein, but Mac is able to swindle the teacher into believing that he has "seasonal dyslexia", therefore could not complete the report. Daisy explains that she was unaware of the reading, but can do the report for the following day if allowed a one-day extension. The teacher explains that she doesn't need to do it, but Daisy takes this as a comment on her inability to perform under pressure, and explains that she wants to do the report. This causes issues for Mac, as the teacher explains that he too will need to read the book if Daisy is.

Things become more intense at Bayside when A.C. Slater posts the football roster, and it is revealed that Aisha Garcia is the new quarterback, picked over Jamie, the usual quarterback. Aisha feels that this will cause tensions within the football team and around school in general, but tells Daisy that this happened at Douglas, and it will resolve itself momentarily. Meanwhile, Jessie is furious with Slater when she finds out about the roster and goes to confront him in his office. She believes that Slater is mocking her based on their previous conversation about feminism, but Slater promises that he chose Aisha because she is better than Jamie; he further remarks that Jamie is a bad player, and that he only gave him a chance on the team due to Jessie's interference.

Daisy arrives at class with her report, and is under the impression that Mac too stayed up all night to complete his report. She is soon proven wrong, however, when the parents arrive and denounce that Frankenstein is racist and should not be studied at the school — a direct result of Mac's interference. Daisy is furious with Mac as the teacher announces that the reports will not be graded, and instead throws them into the trash.

Meanwhile, Jessie consoles Jamie over his football, having agreed with Slater that she should be the one to tell him that he is a poor player. Jessie is unable to upset her son any further, however, and reassures him that he is a great player of football. Jamie — now with a boosted ego — leaves his mother's office to reclaim his position on the football team. In turn, he challenges Aisha to a play off after school. At the play off, Jamie is surprised when Aisha takes out the feelings helmet, explaining her feelings and that she knows she is a better player than Jamie. After a small conversation, Jamie too agrees that she is a better player than him and agrees to forgo the position as quarterback.


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