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Chloe is a student at Bayside High. She is dating Aisha Garcia.


Inviting Lexi to Prism

When the students at Bayside learned that a trans girl at another school faced being kicked off the soccer team because other students' parents were suing, Chloe approached Lexi, inviting her to Prism and a sit-in they were having at the school to protest. Lexi said she didn't have time, even when Chloe said that if they don't stand up to hate, it will keep happening.

When they learned that Lexi had written and was putting on a play with the intent of solving transphobia, Chloe brought The Prism Club to a rehearsal, where she said she'd read the script and worried some of it might do more harm than good.

Later, Lexi decided to attend a meeting and she was surprised to learn that they did fun things there, like lip sync battles, not just protests. She said that queer and trans joy was a form of resistance all on its own.[1]

Career Fair

Chloe went to the Bayside High career fair. When she saw a booth operator ask Aisha if she was actually interested in the career or just wanted the fan they were giving out, Chloe walked up and mentioned that she'd just been at their competitor's booth. While the booth operator was getting her a brochure, Chloe told Aisha that was her strategy to get the best swag. At the end of the day, Chloe and Aisha went over all the swag they'd gathered and talked about how neither of them knew what they wanted to do when they were grown up.[2]

Flirting with Aisha

Back at school, Chloe tried to approach Aisha, but felt some aggression coming from her and so backed away. She tried another time and ended up backing away again. Finally, Aisha approached Chloe and Chloe admitted she was trying to flirt with Aisha. This time, Aisha was the one to back away awkwardly.[3]

Dance Contest

When Gil sabotaged Bayside by deleting all their volunteer hours to keep them out of the spirit competition, Toddman proposed a dance contest with mandatory participation by all students in order to get their hours in one night. Before the dance contest, Aisha found Chloe and apologized to her for not texting back because she was consoling Daisy after her betrayal. Chloe asked if she was going to the dance contest and Aisha said she wasn't sure until Toddman reminded her she didn't have a choice. Chloe asked Aisha to save her a dance.

At the contest, Chloe charmed Aisha by dancing incorrectly to the Cha Cha Slide. They continued to dance together until there was one hour left and a slow song came on. Chloe asked Aisha to dance and she agreed awkwardly, so they stepped in closer and started swaying until Spencer tried to take a picture of them and Aisha knocked him to the ground. When this happened, Chloe walked away, saying it looked like Aisha needed space.

Once the dance contest was over, Aisha came to Chloe and told her she was bisexual, but had never said it out loud before. Aisha said she'd like to keep hanging out with Chloe if Chloe was okay going at her speed. Chloe said she'd like that.[4]

Spirit Competition

Aisha and Chloe continued seeing each other, but Chloe realized that Aisha hadn't told Daisy when Aisha wouldn't kiss Chloe when Daisy was around. Aisha tried to tell Daisy, but Daisy was too busy preparing for the Spirit Competition to listen. Aisha finally told Daisy during a break in the Spirit Competition. Aisha then competed in wrestling, which she won. To celebrate her win, she went into the audience and hugged and kissed Chloe. Bayside went on to win the whole competition.[5]


Chloe is described as a cool, queer student who encourages Lexi (Josie Totah) to join the LGBTQ club at Bayside. [6]



She is dating Aisha Garcia.




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