Check Your Mate is the seventh episode of season three of Saved by the Bell.


The annual chess competition between Valley and Bayside is approaching, which is well publicized as Screech will be playing a Russian exchange student. Violet is jealous when Screech is interviewed by Allison Fox, an attractive reporter for a chess magazine. Violet's suspicions prove true, not out of Screech's problems, but that Allison is in actuality a Valley student sent to dig up dirt on Screech and ends up demoralizing him by stealing a lucky beret given to him by Violet. Slater and Zack attempt to get back at Valley by locking up Valley's champ and having Zack pose as the Russian chess player, only to have Screech be the voice of reason to everyone by saying it is Violet's attention, not her beret, that gives him confidence, and demands to play the real opponent.




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