All in the Mall'
Season 3, Episode 16
3.16 - All in the Mall
Air date November 9, 1991
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All in the Mall is the sixteenth episode of season three of Saved by the Bell.


After a failed attempt to buy tickets to the U2 concert, Zack and the gang find $5,000 abandoned at the mall. But things don't work out when a couple of shady looking guys are looking for the money and the gang believe that they are criminals.


Guest Cast

  • John Altobello III as Ice Cream Guy
  • Ken Fournier as Mall Cop/Candid Video Host
  • Leonard Crofoot as Eddie
  • Angella Kaye as Student
  • Tony Sabin Prince as Sports Salesman


  • despite being credited in the opening episode Elizabeth Berkeley did not make an appearance at Jessie.
  • The scene where the gang dress up like wedding mannequins from the two guys is a foreshadowing in the Saved by the Bell the College Years TV movie wedding at Las Vegas where Zack and Kelly get married as it is shown Kelly as Bride and Zack as a Groom.


"My destiny is complete. I have ended all of reality. Finally, at last, I can rest." - Mall Cop

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