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All in the Hall is the ninth episode of the first season of the Saved by the Bell (2020), and the ninth episode of the series overall.


Mac and Lexi help Daisy fight for her future at Bayside; Toddman and DeVante tour the new Douglas.


As things heat up for the Douglas High students, Daisy talks with Mac about their position. Daisy reveals that she has been researching and has the ability to file for an investigation into the closure, and subsequent reopening, of Douglas. Mac brushes her off, remarking that he couldn't imagine Bayside without her, but in reality has a solid vision of his life as Class President.

Jessie and Slater confront Ronald Toddman over the reopening of Douglas. The two feel as though the students are now Bayside students, therefore should not be sent back to Douglas at all. In return, Toddman reveals that he will be visiting the school ahead of its reopening and promises to fight for the students if the school is substandard. DeVante overhears this and tells Toddman that he too wants to visit the school to see if it is fit enough for their return.

Arriving at Douglas, DeVante and Toddman are in awe of the new school that has been created in Douglas' image. As DeVante is given a tour of the school — including the new theatre room — Toddman catches up with the principal of Douglas and an old friend. Toddman asks if the school is what it seems, but much to his dismay, he is informed that it is not, nor will it ever be. He explains that every couple of years, donors try to fix Douglas for the publicity, but the school falls apart later down the line. Irrevocably, he remarks that the donors do not care, nor ever have cared, about the students at Douglas High.

Daisy arrives at City Hall in an effort to file her motion, but finds that there is a huge line. She is surprised, however, when Lexi and Mac arrive moments later, having felt a deep sense of anger and sadness at the prospect of the students being sent back to Douglas. The trio are able to bribe themselves to the front of the line with only one minute to spare, but upon trying to submit the paperwork they're informed that the desk is closed.

Back at Douglas, Toddman confronts Jade about Douglas, remarking that she doesn't care about the students and he will not allow them to be transferred. The argument gets heated and Toddman begins insulting Jade before he is pulled away by DeVante, who suggests the two return to Bayside and reconvene at a later date.

After a day of trying to convince Aisha that he cannot live without her should she be transferred to Douglas, Jamie asks if the two can talk. Jamie confesses that he has started to be able to read Aisha, but feels as though she doesn't feel the same way about him as he does about her. Jamie confesses that he loves Aisha, and knows that she doesn't feel the same. Aisha confirms this, remarking that she is having fun, but doesn't explicitly state that she loves him. It becomes clear to Aisha that the relationship between the two is over, to which Jamie confirms momentarily.


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