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Stop with the fat jokes or I'll sit on ya!
Allen to Zack


Alan was both a nerd and had very unhealthy relationships with food, as he was constantly interested in it. Some of the other guys bullied him for this.

Early life

Season 1

Alan Fairbanks was a test subject in which Zack and Screech brainwashed a pretty girl into going out with him.  It worked and is not that much different from the Pick Up Artist movement that began in the 2000s.

Season 2

in The Prom on the prom committee in charge of the food, listing a variety of cakes, pies and ice cream desserts he wanted served at the dance. Later in the episode when Zack gives Kelly a piece of cake from the dance he said he had to wrestle it away from Alan but couldn't save any of the frosting

Alan later joined the student ROTC when Zack lied and said the new U.S. Army served cake at every meal, but was an incompetent cadet.



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