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Aisha Garcia is a transfer from Douglas High and best friend of Daisy Jiménez.


Early Life

Transfer to Bayside

Aisha upset the dynamic upon her arrival to Bayside, but eventually engaged in an intimate relationship with Bayside's most popular, Jamie Spano.

Aisha had a difficult time following her arrival at Bayside. Daisy was eventually able to convince her to try out for the football team, given she was Douglas High's quarterback, and Aisha eventually began to enjoy her time at Bayside. When Aisha was elected the Bayside Tiger's quarterback, tensions arose between her and her best friend, Daisy, who hated Bayside and everything that it stood for.

Aisha eventually embraced the fact that Bayside was her new home, but struggled with the state of the football team, and the fact that they couldn't win a game. Aisha teamed up with Coach Slater to manipulate the team into performing well, but was still dissatisfied with the team's performance. Slater talked with Aisha and explained that, despite them not winning the game, they had improved, thanks to Aisha — Slater highlighted that it was more than he was able to do with the team in fifteen years.

Return to School

After the pandemic was over, Aisha and the other students returned to school. On the first day back, Daisy told Aisha she was going to run for class president again because she'd been robbed of half her term because of COVID. Aisha was sure she could win again because she'd united the student body. Later, at the school assembly, Aisha tried to call Nadia over to sit with her and DeVante, but DeVante stopped her. When Aisha asked, he said things between them had just fizzled out and Nadia had ghosted him.

In class, Aisha confronted Nadia about this and learned that Nadia hadn't ghosted DeVante. In fact, she believed he'd cheated on her because he was texting a girl whose number wasn't saved in his phone. The girl was sending him sexy emojis. She tried to ask him about it, but he stopped talking to her. Aisha apologized to Nadia for making assumptions.

At Mac's Last Year Dance party, Aisha confronted DeVante and called the number he'd been texting. She was shocked when Toddman's phone rang. DeVante admitted that he'd texted Toddman because he was worried about getting his grandma sick and ended up staying with Toddman during the pandemic. He sent sexy emojis because he doesn't know they're sexy. He was embarrassed to tell Nadia about it.

Later, Aisha told DeVante she was sorry she got into his business, but didn't want him to make the same mistake she'd made and let Nadia get away because it was easier than being vulnerable. They then went together to help clean up after the party.[1]

Switch to Wrestling

At football practice, Slater tried to rally the team to beat Valley. Aisha then informed him that Valley's season had been cancelled after a kid got hurt. Slater believed that the kids were just soft and had Aisha tackle him helmet-first to prove it, but ended up seriously injured. As a result, football at Bayside was also cancelled, upsetting Aisha.

Slater met with the team and told them that lots of parents complained. Aisha wanted the other players to stand up to their parents, but they were too scared. Slater encouraged the team to use this time to try something new, specifically suggesting that Aisha try wrestling. Aisha went to try outs, but after being pinned three times by a kid called The Fish, she quit and left.

Aisha called the rest of the football team together and tried to use a subliminal tape from Mac to make them brave enough to stand up to their parents. Instead, they admitted that they didn't want to play football anymore because it was too dangerous. Slater also admitted he worried about any of them getting hurt.

Aisha later admitted to Daisy that she quit wrestling because not being the best scared her. She decided to go back to wrestling.[2]

Student Hotline

Daisy had the idea to start a student hotline to get some volunteer hours. Aisha ended up volunteering to compete with Lexi. They had to undergo training and they both volunteered to role play a problem while Toddman gave them tips on how to help. Once their training was finished, they started taking calls. Aisha gave advice that tended toward physical violence to solve problems. When a call came in that Aisha believed was Lexi, she started to give a fake answer, then saw Lexi by the water cooler and tried to save face. Lexi revealed that it was her after all and the Lexi by the water cooler was just a cardboard cutout, which led to them fighting. After their fight landed Daisy in detention, Lexi and Aisha decided to bury the hatchet and talk through their problem, which stemmed from jealousy over Jamie. They also worked together to get Gil and Daisy together by landing Gil in detention.[3]

Daisy's Curse

When Daisy decided to tell her mother about Gil, her Abuela told her the boy she was seeing was cursed. She told Aisha about this, but Aisha didn't believe the curse was real, though Daisy had several things happen to her that she took as her Abuela's dream coming true.[4]

Career Fair

Aisha attended the Bayside High career fair with her friends. She wasn't initially going to, but decided to go when she learned that some of the booths would be giving out free merchandise. At the fair, she bonded with Chloe over their shared mission to get as much merchandise as possible, do Daisy's frustration. At the end of the fair, she and Chloe compared their hauls. Then they both admitted they had no idea what they wanted to do.[5]

Spanish Class

Aisha was called into Jessie's office one day where she learned that while previously, using Nintendo Studies to fulfill her language requirement was hand waved because she was the quarterback, she would need to pick an actual language class. She chose Spanish. While dealing with that aggravation, Aisha was approached by Chloe, who saw her jacket and asked if she did sports. Aisha explained that she used to play football. Chloe sensed Aisha aggravation and backed away.

On her first day of Spanish class, the teacher, Mr. Johnson, forced her to pick a Spanish named and repeatedly corrected her pronunciation, despite her speaking fluent Spanish. At the end of an oral quiz, he gave her a C- while Nate, who struggled through it, got an A. Aisha ranted to Daisy about Mr. Johnson, but Daisy said it was pretty easy if she just did Spanish his way, like Daisy had been doing. Aisha tried to take that advice, but told Slater that with all the turmoil lately, she was feeling like she didn't know who she was anymore. The one thing she thought she did know about herself, that she was Latina, was now being challenged. Slater shared his own struggles with not feeling Mexican enough because he didn't learn Spanish until he was an adult and his father changed their name to make them sound less Mexican. Through this conversation, Aisha realized there's not just one correct way to speak Spanish, as several countries speak it. She went back to Spanish and had a one-on-one conversation with Mr. Johnson which led to him calling her the Dominican word for whore inadvertently. He became angry with her and took her to Toddman's office, where he tried to defend himself, saying she was speaking "Street Spanish." Toddman told him racism would not be tolerated and fired Mr. Johnson. He then promised to find Aisha a teacher who would respect her culture. Slater offered to fill in until he found that person.

Remembering her early interactions with Chloe, Aisha went to her and asked what she needed. Chloe said she didn't really need anything. She had been trying to flirt with Aisha. Aisha was startled and backed away awkwardly.[6]

Helping Daisy

When Daisy panicked because Gil had gotten her a gift for their one-month anniversary and she hadn't gotten him anything, Aisha suggested getting him something from a book series they both loved. Daisy rejected that, but said the suggestion gave her an idea. When her first gift fell through, Daisy decided to make a homemade coupon book, but when she told Aisha about it, she realized it was a terrible gift and immediately left to retrieve it.[7]

Dance Contest

When they learned that Gil was a spy from Valley and had deleted all their volunteer hours, they had to think of a new way to get the hours quickly. Meanwhile, Daisy struggled because she wanted to talk to Gil and find out how much of their relationship was a lie. Aisha advised her not to answer her phone anyway. When Toddman suggested a dance contest, with mandatory attendance and participation from all students, Chloe asked Aisha if she was going. Aisha didn't want to, but Toddman told her she had to. Chloe asked Aisha to save her a dance, making Aisha nervous. Lexi pulled Aisha into another room and Aisha admitted she might have a little crush on Chloe. She'd had crushes on women before, but not any she knew in real life. And she wasn't sure she was ready for anyone else to know about it.

At the dance contest, Aisha happily danced with Chloe. However, when a slow dance came on and Spencer tried taking pictures of them, Aisha panicked and pushed him to the ground. Chloe walked away then, saying it seemed like Aisha needed space.

Once the dance contest was over, Lexi handed Aisha Spencer's camera and said she'd been going through the pictures and figured she should delete some before giving it back to him. Aisha looked at the pictures of herself and Chloe and said they looked cute together. She told Lexi not to delete them and went to Chloe, telling her she was bisexual, but had never said it out loud before. She said she wanted to keep hanging out with Chloe if Chloe was okay with taking things at her speed. Chloe said she'd like that.[8]

Spirit Competition

Aisha and Chloe continued seeing each other, but when Aisha noticed Daisy nearby, she decided not to kiss Chloe, telling Chloe that she hadn't told Daisy yet. Aisha said she was ready and was sure Daisy wouldn't be shocked, but when she went to tell Daisy, Daisy was too busy panicking about the Spirit Competition and so Aisha decided not to tell her.

At the Spirit Competition, The Fish found Aisha and told her he didn't make weight because someone sent him good luck cupcakes and she would have to wrestle in his plate. This was one of several things that made them realize that Valley was sabotaging them.

Before her match, Aisha tried to talk to Daisy again, but Daisy said she needed to keep studying for the knowledge bowl. Aisha said that she'd been getting better at wrestling, but Daisy hadn't noticed. There was a lot she hadn't noticed. Aisha walked away, hurt.

During a break in her wrestling match, Daisy came to see Aisha and apologized. Aisha told her she'd been seeing Chloe and really liked her. Daisy hugged her and said she promised to make more time for Aisha, but she had to get back to the knowledge bowl. Aisha continued wrestling and won her match. To celebrated, she went out to the audience where she hugged and kissed Chloe. Bayside went on to win the whole Spirit Competition.[9]


She is fun-loving but ultracompetitive best friend Daisy Jiménez and Bayside High's new starting quarterback.





Jamie Spano

Aisha grows closer with Jamie throughout her time at Bayside, and the two eventually begin an intimate relationship. This grows, but Aisha worries that she cannot date someone such as Jamie who is "dumb", and cannot spell. She voices her concerns with Daisy, but accidentally sends this to Jamie in a voice memo. Luckily, Toddman confiscates all mobile phones later that day, so Jamie does not immediately hear the voice memo. Aisha makes a plan to steal and delete the voice memo, but when Jamie remarks that he has nothing to hide from her, she plays the memo to him.

Jamie is heartbroken by the voice memo, and this causes tension between the two. Eventually, Jamie admits that he loves Aisha, but Aisha remarks that she doesn't feel the same, but is having fun. Jamie realises that the relationship between the two is over, to which Aisha confirms. Later, Daisy convinces Aisha to tell Jamie how she feels, but she witnesses Jamie kissing Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio before she has the chance.[10]

Daisy Jiménez

Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio

Mac Morris

DeVante Young

Colt Cassidy


Season 1

Season 2


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Notes and Trivia

  • She is the Quarterback of the Bayside Tigers.
  • Aisha's family has higher income than Daisy's as Aisha owns a cell phone which Daisy can't afford.
  • She is the only girl on the Football Team.
  • According to Jamie her Instagram handle is "Get you someone who looks at you like I look at Pigs in a blanket."[11]
  • She still sleeps with a nightlight.[12]
  • Her favorite song is "Thank U, Next" by Ariana Grande.
  • She doesn't have a driver's license because she refuses to let signs tell her what to do.[13]
  • She and Daisy dressed as the women of WrestleMania three Halloweens in a row.[14]