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Aisha Garcia is a transfer from Douglas High and best friend of Daisy Jiménez.


Early Life

Transfer to Bayside

Aisha upset the dynamic upon her arrival to Bayside, but eventually engaged in an intimate relationship with Bayside's most popular, Jamie Spano.

Aisha had a difficult time following her arrival at Bayside. Daisy was eventually able to convince her to try out for the football team, given she was Douglas High's quarterback, and Aisha eventually began to enjoy her time at Bayside. When Aisha was elected the Bayside Tiger's quarterback, tensions arose between her and her best friend, Daisy, who hated Bayside and everything that it stood for.

Aisha eventually embraced the fact that Bayside was her new home, but struggled with the state of the football team, and the fact that they couldn't win a game. Aisha teamed up with Coach Slater to manipulate the team into performing well, but was still dissatisfied with the team's performance. Slater talked with Aisha and explained that, despite them not winning the game, they had improved, thanks to Aisha — Slater highlighted that it was more than he was able to do with the team in fifteen years.


She is fun-loving but ultracompetitive best friend Daisy Jiménez and Bayside High's new starting quarterback.





Jamie Spano

Aisha grows closer with Jamie throughout her time at Bayside, and the two eventually begin an intimate relationship. This grows, but Aisha worries that she cannot date someone such as Jamie who is "dumb", and cannot spell. She voices her concerns with Daisy, but accidentally sends this to Jamie in a voice memo. Luckily, Toddman confiscates all mobile phones later that day, so Jamie does not immediately hear the voice memo. Aisha makes a plan to steal and delete the voice memo, but when Jamie remarks that he has nothing to hide from her, she plays the memo to him.

Jamie is heartbroken by the voice memo, and this causes tension between the two. Eventually, Jamie admits that he loves Aisha, but Aisha remarks that she doesn't feel the same, but is having fun. Jamie realises that the relationship between the two is over, to which Aisha confirms. Later, Daisy convinces Aisha to tell Jamie how she feels, but she witnesses Jamie kissing Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio before she has the chance.[1]

Daisy Jiménez

Lexi Haddad-DeFabrizio

Mac Morris

DeVante Young

Colt Cassidy


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Season 2


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  • She is the Quarterback of the Bayside Tigers.
  • Aisha's family has higher income than Daisy's as Aisha owns a cell phone which Daisy can't afford.
  • She is the only girl on the Football Team.
  • According to Jamie her Instagram handle is "Get you someone who looks at you like I look at Pigs in a blanket."[2]