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Albert Clifford[1] "A.C." Slater née Sanchez is the deuteragonist of Saved by the Bell. His is the current football coach at Bayside High. In High school he was the quarterback of the football team and he was on the basketball team in one episode, even though the basketball season coincides with the wrestling season.

Formerly, Slater was best friends with Zack Morris, however the friendship with the two struggled following Zack's election as Governor. He remains good friends with Jessie Spano following their graduation, and the two work together at Bayside; Slater knowingly has feelings for Jessie.


Early Life

Albert Clifford Slater was born between 1974-1975. An army brat, Slater was an outsider, having transferred to Bayside High at the start of the year. A.C. mentions that he has been to Bolivia, Italy, Iceland and Berlin among other places. He attended 14 schools in the last three years before attending Bayside High in 1989.[2]

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In the only season of Saved by the Bell: The College Years, we see him attending California University, living in a suite with Screech Powers, Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, Leslie Burke, and Alex Tabor. Among the others that he meets is his RA Mike Rogers. Of the highlights of his freshman year, he tries to gain weight for wrestling, tries to join a fraternity, learns of his Hispanic heritage, begins and ends a relationship with suitemate Alex and is there for Zack after he proposes to Kelly Kapowski not long after her relationship their professor Jeremiah Lasky.

Coach at Bayside

After graduation, Slater becomes the football coach at Bayside, where he remains for the next fifteen years. After the transfer of the students from Douglas High to Bayside, Slater is faced with the difficult decision of making Aisha Garcia the quarterback of the Bayside Tigers. Despite knowing that Aisha is better than Jamie in all regards, he struggles with the concept of a female quarterback; his concerns are alleviated by Jessie, however, who pleads with him to do what is right and publish the line up.

After publishing the line up, Slater receives backlash from Jessie when Jamie finds out that he has been replaced on the team. Upon being confronted, Slater explains that Jamie is bad at football, and he only secured a place on the team due to Slater's friendship with Jessie. Slater explains that Aisha will remain quarterback, and that Jessie should tell Jamie how bad he is at football.

Slater faces further issues with the team when they are unable — or unwilling to try — to win a football match. Aisha and Slater talk, and it is found that Jamie's pep-talks are harming the team. As a resolution, Slater and Aisha trash the locker room and spread rumours supposedly made by the opposing team. This is enough to get the team angry, and they attempt to win the game. They do not win, but Slater remarks that it is at least an improvement on their previous performances.

Feelings for Jessie

On numerous occasions it is made clear that Slater has romantic feelings for Jessie, and has done since they were students at Bayside. Slater attempts to act on his feelings numerous times when he believes the marriage between Jessie and Rene is breaking down. Such acts include asking Jessie out on a movie date, but she quickly shuts him down each time, remarking that she is working on her marriage with Rene. Despite this, Slater still does everything he can to please Jessie, such as leaving his date to shut down a house party.[3]

Slater eventually is able to let go of his feelings for Jessie, and engages in a romantic relationship with one of Principal Toddman's friends.


Slater was originally written as Zack's rival for Kelly's affection before becoming Zack's best friend in the show's second season and developing an attraction to strong-willed feminist Jessie Spano.

Jessie often criticizes A.C. for his insensitive remarks, particularly about women. When they first met, he called Zack "Preppy," as a derogatory term, but as they grew closer, it became an affectionate nickname. When he starts dating Jessie, he calls her "Mama", to her occasional annoyance. Mario Lopez is a drummer and dancer and some episodes include Slater showcasing these talents.



College Years Only

  • Leslie Bruke (friend)
  • Alex Tabor (friend)
  • Mike Rogers (RA/friend)
  • Principal Toddman (boss/friend)


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  • Much like co-star Lark Voorhies, Lopez was cast in a role that was originally written to be Caucasian. The issue of Slater's ethnicity is addressed in an episode from Saved by the Bell: the College Years, where he had a fight with his father over Anglo conformity. Slater's original family name was Sanchez, and his father changed his name to Slater in order to better his chances of getting accepted to West Point. This angered the younger Slater, who accused his father of forgetting his Mexican heritage.
  • He used to be a Bus Boy in Bolivia.[4]
  • His favorite band is Train.[5]
  • He has been a Football Coach at Bayside High for 15 years.